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AirFit F20 Full Face Mask

AirFit F20 Full Face Mask

The AirFit F20 is an extremely technologically advanced full face mask brought to you by ResMed. The mask is developed to offer maximum comfort and compliance during air therapy, regardless of the prescribed pressure. Thanks to its InfinitySeal cushion, the mask delivers optimum adaptability and the most powerful yet comfortable seal.

The main frame of the mask is ultra-flexible, adapting to the individual facial contour of each patient. The AirFit F20 by ResMed fluidly moves with the patient, thus guaranteeing the best comfort and a restful sleep.

  • Infinity Seal cushion- proven to fit 97% of all anatomical facial structuresResMed AirFit F20 Full Face Mask
  • Plush Headgear- optimal softness & comfort
  • Quick-Release Elbow- allows patients to disconnect the mask from the tubing without having to remove the mask
  • Flexible frame structure- sits comfortably under the eyes, being capable to adapt to all facial structures without problems
  • Magnetic Clips- headgear and frame connect effortlessly with the help of magnets
  • Diffused Ventilation System- disperses the air evenly in order to dampen noise and air away from the mask
  • Simple design with magnetic clips for easy & quick use
  • AirFit F20 for Her specifically designed for the smaller facial structures of women
  • AirFt F20 is available in the following sizes: Small, Medium & Large. AirFit F20 for Her available in Small and Medium sizes

Maximum Comfort. Uncompromised Therapy.

Finding the right mask that fits the greatest majority of patients is quite challenging. The AirFit F20 by ResMed has been designed to fit all patients, regardless of the anatomical facial structures. The mask is capable of delivering optimum air therapy regardless of the prescribed pressure. Recent International studies regarding the product prove the AirFit F20 fulfills all patient needs in terms of performance and comfort.

AirFit F20 Fitting Guidelines

  • Before fitting the mask, ensure the magnets that can be found on the lower straps are unclippedAirFit F20 for Her Full Face Mask
  • Detach the magnetic clips by twisting & pulling
  • Align the top of the mask with the top of your nasal bridge. This is the correct position for starting the fitting process
  • The logo of the headgear must be faced outwards when the mask is on your head
  • Both straps of the mask must be positioned below the ears
  • Bring together the magnets so that they can be attached to the clips on the frame
  • Adjust carefully the fastening tabs you can find on the straps, until you feel the mask fits comfortable yet stable. Do the same for the straps on the lower part of the mask
  • The air tube of the device must be connected to the elbow part. Next, click on the elbow that you can find in front of the mask

You are now ready to start your machine and enjoy comfortable air therapy with the new mask.
AirFit F20 Technical Specifications

  • Therapy pressure 4 to 40 cm H2O
  • Resistance with AntiAsphyxia Valve (AAV)closed to atmosphere
  • Drop in pressure measured (nominal)
    • at 50 L/min: 0.2 cm H2O
    • at 100 L/min: 0.8 cm H2O
  • Inspiratory and expiratory resistance with Anti AsphyxiaValve (AAV) open to Atmosphere
  • Inspiration at
    • 50 L/min:
    • 0.5 cm H2O
  • Expiration at 50 L/min: 0.6 cm H2O
  • Anti Asphyxia Valve(AAV) open-to-atmosphere pressure ≤4 cm H2O
  • Anti Asphyxia Valve (AAV) closed-to-atmosphere pressure ≤4 cm H2O
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