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ComfortGel Blue Nasal CPAP Mask

ComfortGel Blue Nasal CPAP Masl

ComfortGel Blue Nasal CPAP Mask

 ~Meets & Exceeds the expectations of CPAP Therapy Patients~

The Blue Gel technology by Respironics has received rave reviews from patients worldwide. The ComfortGel Blue nasal CPAP mask in particular is designed to help patients get more compliant, efficient and comfortable CPAP therapy.

  • Fewer pressure contact points for added comfort
  • Lower noise levels for a restful sleep
  • Exhalation air flow is directed away from the bed partner
  • System One Resistance Control assures optimum PAP therapy for a wide range of patients

It is important to mention that ComfortGel Blue nasal mask is Latex Free- patients with Latex allergies can use the mask safely.

This nasal CPAP mask provides the most natural CPAP therapy, at any pressure level. The ComfortGel Blue nasal mask comes to revolutionize the blue gel technology offered by Respironics.

With fewer pressure points, the user can get comfortable CPAP therapy from day one. No more waking up with headaches and a feeling of “tightness” because of uncomfortable straps. No more struggling to fall asleep because of the high noise levels produced by the mask. The feeling of comfort is further sustained by the soft forehead gel pad, which helps avoiding any skin irritations or sores caused by the frame of the mask at the forehead.

With ComfortGel Blue you will fall asleep naturally and wake up refreshed. When looking to purchase a nasal mask it is extremely important to choose one that is lightweight, comfortable, offers great seal and does not obstruct your field of vision. If you are an active sleeper you should also opt for a nasal mask which is designed to allow the user to switch frequently positions during sleep without compromising therapy in any way. The ComfortBlue nasal CPAP mask has been designed with all these considerations in mind.

ComfortGel Blue CPAP mask is designed for:

  • Better patient experience
  • Better CPAP therapy compliance
  • Maximum comfort for long hours

The gel pads adapt nicely to the facial features of the patient, and fitting the mask is extremely fast and easy. The mask can be fitted or taken off with one single snap, and the entire frame is built from robust materials.

With ComfortGel Blue both the CPAP therapy user and the bed partner can enjoy a restful sleep. The lower profile exhalation port with integrated swivel redirects the air flow away from the bed partner. With such a quiet vent system, everybody can sleep restfully…

Thanks to these innovative improvements, the ComfortGel Blue Nasal CPAP mask is an extremely popular choice among a wide range of PAP users.

  • No more pressure points
  • No more noisy masks
  • No more heavy and bulky masks

This PAP mask is based on minimalist design, but maximum efficiency in technology. The greatest majority of genuine testimonials speak in favor of choosing the ComfortGel Blue mask if you want to experience efficient and ultra comfortable CPAP therapy.

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