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Puritan Bennett GoodKnight Information

Puritan Bennett GoodKnight Information

Puritan Bennett brings to the market some of the most quiet, lightweight and efficient CPAP and Bi-Level therapy devices. Some of their most popular CPAP & BiPAP machines include the following versions: the GoodKnight 420, the GoodKnight 425 BiLevel therapy machine, the 420E Auto CPAP machine and the GoodKnight 425ST.

SleeRestfully provides patients with the most comprehensive educational and informational resources regarding CPAP, BiPAP or APAP therapy. You are welcome to browse through the available items, and select the type of machine which suits best your current needs.

At you can also have direct access to important patient manuals and medical brochures for the Puritan Bennett CPAP therapy devices. All you have to do is open the file and then you will access important information pertaining to each type of Puritan Bennett CPAP or Bi-level therapy devices mentioned above.

Many Puritan Bennett devices in the GoodKnight series include the ability to read patient data regarding sleep therapy. Thus, physicians will have access to downloadable data and will be able to custom tailor even better therapy to the specific needs of each patient.

  • Most machines use proprietary SilverLining 3.6 software
  • Physicians can have access to downloading information from each night of sleep therapy
  • The doctor & the patient can track much better the apnea/hypopnea index

The CPAP devices in the GoodKnight range represent the best choice for patients who travel often. The devices are lightweight, and they are FAA approved so the patient can take the device on board. These CPAP devices provide more freedom of movement to the patients.

Patients noncompliant with regular CPAP therapy, will find extremely efficient the Bi-Level machine in the GoodKnight series. The GoodKnight 425 Bi-Level device is actually one of the smallest, quietest and most portable Bi-Level machines available out there. The machine is lightweight with only 1.5 lbs. so it represents the perfect solution for active patients who travel frequently and need CPAP therapy on the go. This machine is an extremely popular choice among patients who cannot use Continuous Airway pressure therapy because they find it difficult to produce an exhale against a high pressure CPAP coming from the machine.

The bi-level device can be set with one pressure for exhale and another pressure for inhalation. Therefore CPAP therapy becomes more comfortable and breathing becomes more natural.

Please contact SleepRestfully for any question regarding the GoodKnight series of CPAP or Bi-level machines or accessories by Puritan Bennett. Here, you will find only top quality devices offered by world leading brands, and the most competitive prices.

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