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iGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Devilbiss Igo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

IGO Portable Oxygen Concentrator

A POC-Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the best alternative to bulky and heavy oxygen cylinders and tanks. Such a concentrator can be easily carried around and it produces oxygen on demand for patients to breathe in. Most of the top quality POCs are cleared by the FAA and they can be taken on flights, so oxygen therapy patients can get now even more freedom of mobility.

For an active lifestyle, the IGO Portable Oxygen Concentrator represents the best solution. It is a lightweight device, and it has a capacity of 3 Liters. IGO is also an extremely versatile POC, as patients can choose between two modes of operation: Continuous Flow or Pulse Dose Delivery system.

When you purchase IGO, you will receive within packaging the following:

  • The Portable oxygen Concentrator Device

  • An AC adaptor

  • DC Adaptor

  • Stylish carrying case

  • Battery

Best performance features of the DeVilbiss IGO POC:

  • In Pulse Dose mode patients can choose between 6 different LPM settings (1 to 6)

  • In Continuous Flow mode the device delivers 1 to 3 LPM oxygen

  • Pulse Dose oxygen therapy is an extremely conserving technology. It will emit a burst of oxygen for patients to breathe in only in the moment the device “senses” a breath. Thus, having the device on Pule Mode helps getting longer battery life and overall increased efficiency

  • Accurate oxygen delivery is ensured by the inbuilt top quality oxygen sensing device
    Low maintenance device

  • When the device is operated at 1.0LPM in the PulseDose mode the battery lasts up to 4.5 hours. As you increase LPM, the battery life decreases

  • The device emits important audible alarm signals for: Low Oxygen Output, Low Battery, No Breath Detected (only in PulseDose mode), High Temperatures, Device malfunction, or High Flow/Low Flow

  • The pulse flow settings can be adjusted quickly and easily

Patients can use the DeVilbiss iGO Portable Oxygen Concentrator with a 50 foot cannula in Continuous Flow or a 35 feet cannula in PulseDose mode.

IGO weighs less than 20lbs. with the battery included, and it is an extremely compact and stylish portable oxygen concentrator. The patients can change easily the setting and check the control panel on the device while the audible alerts warn patients about different malfunctions/ issues.

Battery life is indicated on the Battery Status Gauge, so that patients always know how much battery there is still remaining. With the AC or DC power connectors supplied within packaging, it is very easy to charge the battery at anytime, anywhere.

The battery recharges between 2 and 4.5 hours depending which flow setting is used by the patient. Please keep in mind that if you charge the battery while using oxygen therapy, the recharge time will take longer.

DeVilbiss offers a 3 year limited warranty for the iGO portable oxygen concentrator, and 1 year limited warranty for the battery.

Please contact SleepRestfully for further valuable information on the Portable Oxygen concentrators available from DeVilbiss

DeVilbiss iGo Specifications:

Weight: 19 pounds with battery. 15.5 pounds without battery.
Dimensions: 15." x 11" x 8"
Flow Rate Settings: 1 to 6 in PulseDose Mode. 1 to 3 LPM in Continuous Flow Mode.
Max. Recommended Continuous Flow: 3 LPM
Max. Breathing Rate (Pulse Dose mode only) 40 BPM @ setting of 1 - 4; 37BPM @setting 5; 31 BPM @setting 6
Altitude 0 - 13,123 feet
Oxygen Concentration: 91% plus/minus 3% for all flow settings
Operating Temperature: 41 degrees F to 104 degree F
Transportation and Storage Temperature: -4 degrees F to 140 degrees F
Altitude: 0 to 13,123 feet
Sound Level (3.0 LPM Pulse Dose Mode): 40dBA

List Price: $2,995.00
Our Price: $2,995.00
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