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QuattroTM FX for Her Full Face CPAP Mask

Resmed Quattro FX for Her Full Face Mask

Quattro FX for Her Full Face CPAP Mask

ResMed strives on bringing onto the market CPAP masks, devices and accessories which are meant to enhance overall comfort and compliance. The Quattro FX for Her full face CPAP mask is an ultra lightweight, non obtrusive mask available in a stylish design and color. The mask is designed to fit the more delicate contours of a women’s face, you just need to select the exact size that fits you.

Finally, you can opt for a top quality full face mask that offers a completely clear field of vision, so that you can enjoy reading, working on your laptop or watching TV before sleep. The Quattro FX for Her is a minimalist application that gives maximum performance. The frame is lightweight, so you will never complain of pressure points, or chronic headaches in the morning. You can simply forget that you are wearing a mask, and get a comfortable and restful night of sleep.

Quattro FX for Her offers the best CPAP therapy experience
Quattro FX for Her

  • The soft pink headgear is meant to emphasize this is a mask specifically designed for women

  • Clear lines, soft edges and the overall lightweight CPAP mask will help you become quickly compliant with therapy. In fact, Quattro FX for Her is a mask that is recommended for first time CPAP therapy users since they will become quickly compliant with therapy

  • The mask features an extremely soft and stable cushion that will ensure there will be no mask leaks during sleep. The mask is extremely stable, so even the most active sleepers will enjoy efficient CPAP therapy wearing the Quattro FX for Her full face CPAP mask

  • The mask is designed with fewer parts than traditional masks, for easy maintenance and sanitation

Quattro FX for Her allows for a personalized CPAP therapy experience. You will feel comfortable wearing the full face mask, and never complain of tightness, irritations, pressure points or the mask frame cutting into the skin. Durability and stability is ensured by the innovative headgear contours combined with spring frame technology.

Quattro FX for Her displays all the benefits of the popular Mirage Quattro mask, with the difference the Quattro FX has a less obtrusive design specifically catering to the needs of the female patients.

Even oxygen pressure distribution is ensured by the Soft Spring Air cushion and the mask maintains its seal all throughout the night, even for the most active sleepers. For an uninterrupted, comfortable sleep, you should definitely choose the minimalist design Quattro FX for Her full face mask.

  • Available sizes: Small and Medium

Please keep in mind that in order to purchase any CPAP therapy device or accessory through SleepRestfully you will need to present a valid medial prescription.

  • Fax the prescription to (800) 540-5078

  • Email the medical prescription to

  • Provide medical information on shipment page


Price: $185.00
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