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Silent Night CPAP Mask Liners

Silent Nihgt CPAP Mask Liners

Silent Night Liners are available for both full face mask and nasal mask

Silent Night Mask Liners for CPAP Mask

Silent Night Mask Liners have dramatically improved individuals' lives as they help to provide an uninterrupted and comfortable night’s rest.

Silent Night Mask Liners Benefits:

  • Reduces Air Leaks
  • Reduces Pressure Marks
  • Attaches to mask
  • Reduces Nasal Bridge Sores
  • Absorbs Moisture
  • Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Microbial Fabris
  • Reusable and Economical
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Fits Most ResMed, Respironics and Fisher & Paykel Mask

Silent Night Mask Liners


  • Micro Pillow Fabric Technology - The Micro Pillows act as a series of baffles to significantly reduce air leaks.
  • Soft and cushioned.
  • Easy to handle fabric resists curling and forms nicely around the mask.


  • Anti-Bacterial: Healthy, clean and safe.
  • Reduces nose bridge sores.
  • Keeps mask cleaner and reduces mask cleaning time.

User Friendly

Silent Night Mask Liners in a one months supply

  • Secure the liner to your CPAP mask using repositionable Quick Stick tabs.
  • Adjust the positioning of the liner by simply removing and reapplying the Quick Stick tabs.
  • Remove the liner for mask washing and re-attach for use.
  • Comfortable
  • Moisture within the mask is wicked away by the liner.
  • Unsightly and irritating facial pressure marks are greatly reduced or eliminated.

Silent Night Mask Liners liners have dramatically improved individuals' lives as they help to provide an uninterrupted and comfortable night’s rest. One month supply (one Box) includes 4 reusable liners. Each good for 6 to 8 nights use. Liner stays secure with Quick Stick tabs.


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