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Swift FX Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

ResMed Swift FX Nasal Pillow System

Swift FX Nasal Pillow CPAP MaskSwift FX

Swift FX is an ultra comfortable nasal pillows mask by ResMed which is actually the Number 1 Mask Brand
preferred by patients. The mask has a minimalist design, yet it delivers maximum performance. Thanks to this minimalist design patients can now enjoy a greater freedom of mobility and a clear field of vision. Enjoy watching TV, reading a book or working at your computer while getting gentle CPAP therapy with this comfortable mask.

Swift FX has a soft and fluid form which follows perfectly your facial contours. The mask embraces gently your facial contours at the cheekbones while the headgear is designed with special contours to help you get the most comfortable and restful sleep while being on CPAP therapy. No pressure points. No irritations. No feelings of tightness.

  • Ultra light mask- you won’t even feel it’s there

  • Comfort & softness all throughout-

  • Simple and stylish with sleek contours

  • Non-obtrusive nasal pillow mask

  • Maximum stability

Patients who are non compliant with rigid and bulky full face masks, will definitely find instant compliance by wearing the Swift FX Nasal Pillows mask by ResMed. This mask is also highly recommended for first time CPAP therapy users, as it promotes quick acceptance.

Swift FX features dual wall cushioned pillows which maintain perfectly the mask seal, while adapting nicely to head movements. The base of the nasal cushion is flexible offering even more freedom of mobility than previous CPAP mask models.

Swift FX nasal pillows mask allows users to sleep comfortably in any position- on the side, on their back or stomach- all the while the mask maintaining its seal. The tubing system is also lightweight and flexible, thus eliminating pull on the mask and enhancing overall stability.

This nasal mask by ResMed comes with an innovative ventilation system which disperses air up and away from the bed partner. Both the patient and the bed partner can enjoy a restful night of sleep, without being awakened by a loud mask.

The entire design of the mask is incredibly intuitive, allowing patients to find the perfect fit extremely quickly. Stable seal, overall comfort, and a feeling of softness and gentle touch are only a few of the benefits that speak in favor of choosing the Swift FX Nasal Pillows mask by ResMed.

If you purchase the Swift FX nasal pillows mask through you can now get special mask wipes for only 1 cet. Maintain your mask clean and sanitized at all times with the specially designed mask wipes that will eliminate facial oils, bacteria, or dust accumulated onto the mask.

Please keep in mind that in order to purchase any oxygen therapy device or accessory through you must present a valid medical prescription.


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