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After your physician has appointed the right type of CPAP device that you should use to get the best CPAP therapy, it is time to choose a perfectly fitting mask. The CPAP mask must fit perfectly over the face to offer you maximum comfort during therapy and to help avoiding mask leaks.

If the mask is too loose and does not offer the best seal, air will leak and therapy is not efficient enough; if the mask is too tight, the mask and the straps might cut into the skin and cause discomfort and irritations.

The Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with side straps or ball-cap straps

You need an Nasal CPAP mask with side straps if you have tried to wear the full face mask but you feel quite claustrophobic with it. Such a mask is also perfect for patients who do not want their field of vision to be obstructed (while they read/watch TV for example). The Nasal CPAP mask with side straps is a good option for patients who wear glasses during daytime therapy.

Nasal pillow masks are also available with ball-cap style straps. These represent the perfect option for patients who take different sleeping positions during the night, and do not want to be incommoded by straps (while sleeping on their abdomen or on the side)

Foam Cushion Nasal CPAP Masks with side straps and suction nasal mask

These masks resemble the regular Nasal CPAP masks, with the difference they feature a special foam piece that will offer seal around the nose. The foam cushion offers gentle yet firm seal, and these masks are good for patients who require high pressure CPAP therapy- because the mask offers perfect seal without exerting any pressure that might be discomforting.

Patients who require high pressure therapy will also find efficient the nasal masks which provide seal through suctioning to the face. These masks offer firm seal, and they allow the patient to move freely during sleep without the mask moving from its place.

There are also nasal masks with pillows available. This mask has two special prongs that will be inserted into the nasal cavities. These masks are absolutely lightweight and unobtrusive.

The Full Face CPAP Masks

These types of masks cover both the nose and the mouth. The full face masks are recommended for patients who usually need to breathe through the mouth as well. Or, the full face mask is a temporary solution for patients who struggle with congestion and stuffy nose during allergy seasons.

Many patients have two types of masks:

  • one unobtrusive, ultra light nasal CPAP mask
  • one Full face CPAP mask for such problems as allergies

Choosing CPAP Mask important considerations

Patients should choose a high quality CPAP mask designed and developed by leading brands such as ResMed, Philips Respironics, DeVilbiss or Fisher and Paykel

Always choose a mask based on considerations such as your health condition and ongoing needs

Patients with limited dexterity should always choose a CPAP mask that can be fitted with one snap. There are many high end CPAP masks that allow the possibility to put on or take off the mask with one single click

Denture wearers should opt for a lightweight mask that does not exert unwanted pressure upon the area of the mouth/teeth (especially if they need to opt for full face masks)

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