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The Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator family of products has been developed to provide patients with proper oxygen therapy any moment of the day or night. These devices are lightweight and quiet and they are perfect for active users. With Inogen One POC you will never run out of oxygen.

How it Works

The Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator transforms ambient air into pure, therapeutic quality oxygen to be delivered for treatment. The air is purified by the powerful filters of the Inogen One device which will keep out:

  • Dust
  • Allergens
  • Bacteria

The smart control panel of Inogen One allows for optimal settings and adjustments to be made for therapy. Your physician will adjust the necessary oxygen flow and make any other settings.

Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator comes with many important accessories such as carry bag, backpack, Lithium Ion batteries that provide up to 5 hours of operation or external battery charger which allows charging of additional batteries.

Users can also purchase Inogen One Satellite Conserver which allows use at up to 100 feet away from the device. This feature eliminates the need for the patient to keep close to the device at all times. With the help of flexible tubing extensions, patients can now enjoy oxygen therapy while being up to 100feet away from the main device.

  • No more filing liquid or oxygen tanks
  • No more being housebound
  • No more frustration from bulky oxygen concentrators

Inogen One is FAA cleared for use on the plane. If you are a frequent traveler, Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator gives you the freedom and peace of mind that you need.

Smooth operation & energy efficiency is guaranteed by Inogen One family of oxygen concentrators.

High quality portable oxygen concentrators come with both physical and psychological benefits. They help patients get custom tailored oxygen therapy and eliminate anxiety, stress and frustration typically associated with heavy, bulky and noisy breathing apparatuses. These devices also require minimum maintenance, since the devices are equipped with plenty of smart alarms such as :

  • no breath detected
  • low battery
  • high temperature
  • high breathing rate
  • low flow
  • poor oxygen quality

Sensations of breathlessness instantly go away with the use of Inogen One. Patients will not wake up in the middle of the night by sensations of choking or not getting “enough” oxygen into their lungs. When enough amounts of fresh oxygen enter your lungs, your entire system is revitalized & relaxed.

  • Open airways
  • Fresh therapeutic quality oxygen
  • Improved breathing
  • Lower blood pressure
  • No more daytime sleepiness & chronic fatigue

Inogen One portable oxygen concentrators have helped patients return to their daily tasks & enjoy life to the fullest. Patients who feel constantly sleepy, irritated and extremely tired cannot focus even on the easiest daily tasks. Inogen One supplies your lungs with the best quality oxygen for better health and cell regeneration.

Inogen One has been designed and developed for portable and stationary use. Whenever you need it. Wherever you need it.  

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