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The best personal ambulatory oxygen system-

The ECLIPSE 5 device by SeQUAL is recommended for both stationary and ambulatory use. The device offers a continuous flow of 0.5 and up to 3 Liters per minute, and when in Pulse Dose it delivers between 16 and 96mL in 16mL increments. Patients can also choose from plenty of helpful accessories such as AC & DC power supplies, power cartridges, or a universal cart for greater mobility.

SeQual Technologies has a positive presence on the market of respiratory devices ever since 1991. Their mission statement has always been to create unique and ultra efficient products for use not only in the medical field, but also for the military, commercial and industrial fields.

The Eclipse 5 by SeQual with autoSAT is particularly recommended for patients who require supplemental oxygen intake, and patients who need to follow more rigorous standards during oxygen therapy. The autoSAT technology helps maintaining a consistent FiO2, by adjusting perfectly to the respiratory rate of the patient. Whenever the respiratory rate increases, the autoSAT feature will also increase oxygen delivery in order to ensure the most efficient oxygen output while the device is on Pulse Dose.

  • 4rd Generation All-in-One oxygen concentrator
  • Incorporates both Continuous Flow & Pulse Dose Technology
  • Provides oxygen patients with peace of mind and efficient therapy 24/7
  • SeQual Eclipse 5 has inbuilt smart technology – when there is no breath detected, the device will offer continuous flow oxygen every 15 seconds
  • Lightweight device compared to other systems in the same range with only 18 pounds!
  • Extremely easy to use even for first time oxygen patients

SleepRestfully currently offers you the SeQual Eclipse 5 oxygen concentrator with the following accessories included within package:

  • Rechargeable power cartridge
  • AC & DC supply
  • Comfortable carrying case
  • Universal cart on wheels for easy transportation of the device

It is important to mention that the Sequal Eclipse 5 has been cleared by the FAA for use on a plane. However, before traveling always inform the airline company that you intend to take on board your Oxygen Concentrator. Policies vary from one airline company to the other, so read carefully the provisions.

Further important features of the SeQual Eclipse 5 Concentrator:

  • on Continuous Oxygen flow, the battery lasts approximately 2 hours (at 2LPM)
  • The battery life lasts 3.5 hours on average if Pulses Dose module is used (at 0.6 pulse dose setting)
  • battery recharge lasts between 1.8 and 5 hours – charging time depends on flow recharge time setting

Sequal Eclipse 5 Oxygen Concentrator has important alarms incorporated. The device will emit an alarm signal if there is loss of power detected, the oxygen output is too low, there is no breath detected, or if the oxygen flow is higher than normal limits

Your physician is the one who will tell you if the SeQual Eclipse 5 Concentrator is suitable for your needs. If your physician has already recommended the use of such an oxygen concentrator and you can make proof of a valid prescription, please contact for more information.

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