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Invacare Technologies is recognized as one of the best providers of home oxygen devices. Invacare XPO2 is an innovative, lightweight and extremely efficient portable oxygen concentrator which has been recently added to the line of medical devices manufactured by Invacare.

What XPO2 promises

  • Extreme portability
  • Lightweight device- weighs only 6 pounds
  • Extremely robust structure
  • Ease of use even for beginner patients
  • AC &DC power options- patients can now take their portable oxygen concentrator even on long trips, without fearing they will run out of oxygen. Just plug & charge whenever and wherever needed
  • XPO2 by INVACARE is an FAA approved portable oxygen concentrator
  • The manufacturer offers a 3year limited warranty on the device
  • The XPO2 package contains all needed accessories for making therapy comfortable and compliant: carrying case, AC & DC adapter, special accessory bag

SleepRestfully offers the XPO2 portable oxygen concentrator on a competitive, budget friendly price. We work directly with the supplier, so we can afford to pass on to you important savings on top quality brand name portable oxygen concentrators.

The XPO2 by Invacare delivers oxygen in Pulse Dose mode and the device has 5 settings (1 to 5). The battery life is 2.5 hours on Pulse Dose setting 2. The device can be fitted with a supplemental battery that has 5- hour duration (model XPO110)

Invacare patented Sensi-Pulse Technology for their devices. This technology allows the portable oxygen concentrator to adapt the size of each bolus of oxygen it emits to the exact breathing pattern of the patent. Average pulse dose volumes for XPO2 include:

  • On setting 1- a pulse volume of 20 at 15BPM and a volume of 15 at 20BPM
  • On setting 2- a pulse volume of 31 at 15 BPM and a volume of 23 at 20BPM
  • On setting 3- a pulse dose volume of 41 at 15BPM and a volume of 31 at 20 BPM
  • On setting 4- a pulse dose volume of 49 at 15 BPM and a volume of 37 at 20BPM
  • On setting 5- a pulse dose volume of 56 at 15BPM and a volume of 42 at 20BPM

Sensi Pulse Technology ensures that the exact same amount of oxygen is provided per minute, regardless of the breathing rate of the patient, at any setting. When the breath rate of the patient decreases, the device will “sense” it and will increase the size of the bolus.

XPO2 portable oxygen concentrator by Invacare helps patients regain their independence and comfort even while having to use constantly oxygen therapy. The design of the machine is extremely intuitive, modern and compact.

A few years ago patients had to use bulky and heavy cylinders in order to get the oxygen their system required. Now, the compact, lightweight and easy to use portable oxygen concentrators allow patients to lead extremely active lives.

Thanks to the constant minute volume provided by smart SensiPulse Technology of the XPO2, patients can enjoy oxygen therapy that is custom tailored to their needs whether they relax at home, travel, walk or exercise.

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