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The XT FIT CPAP machine represents the perfect CPAP therapy for active patients. If you are a frequent traveler, then the XT FIT from Apex is the best solution. SleepRestfully is pleased to inform you that it is in a direct partnership with Apex Medical Corp., so we can offer you this CPAP machine at a budget friendly price.

The XT FIT CPAP Machine is lightweight, portable and it incorporates innovative technology which allows users to operate it extremely simply and efficiently. The LCD screen is illuminated, so the patient can read easily all the data displayed. Thanks to its compact size and sign, and the very user friendly features incorporated the XT Fit CPAP system represents the best choice for value for patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea or other breathing deficiencies.

The XT series CPAP is one of the smallest machines currently available on the market. Active patients who travel a lot and engage in sports activities can now finally get rid of the frustration of having to carry around heavy and bulky machines for therapy.

Even though the CPAP machine is designed to be small, this design does not compromise on the efficiency of the machine. XT Fit CPAP performs just like any other much larger CPAP machine in the same range.

Useful features of the XT Fit CPAP by Apex Medical Corp.

  • Ramp settings which are very easy to adjust when needed
  • Leak compensation feature
  • Automatic altitude adjustment button
  • Incorporated SD card for data collection by the physician

The XT Fit by Apex is a machine which offers improved pressure stability and an algorithm which is clinically proven. Thanks to the PVA pressure relief function, the brand new XT series provides ultra comfortable CPAP therapy to patients with a wide range of breathing complications.

The XT Fit CPAP machine is perfect for travel purposes because it has a built-in power supply. Patients do not have to carry external power supplies anymore! Thanks to its compact size, patients can now fit the machine easily into their carry luggage.

This CPAP machine has very low noise levels during operation, which is another great feature that makes it such a popular choice among patients.

The President of SleepRestfully Inc., Charles Goldberg made a statement referring to the XT Fit CPAP machine saying:

” We are extremely excited to be able to offer this great value added CPAP machine to the public. I have personally used this CPAP Machine for the past 4 years as my travel machine and would recommend it to anyone who wants a small, quality machine either for travel, as a second machine or as their primary use CPAP machine. It is quality from top to bottom” Patients can now select from two different models of the XT Fit CPAP machine

  • The XT Fit CPAP machine for $189.00
  • The XT Fit Machine with Heated Humidifier for even greater comfort & compliance for $289.00 offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders $99.00 and above Please contact us for further valuable information or assistance with your purchase at the following Toll Free number (866) 923-2727

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