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APAP or Auto CPAP - An APAP, or Automatically Adjusting Airway Pressure device

is a medical breathing apparatus which provides patients with the needed amount of pressure. Generally, the device will be set by a physician, and the device will then provide the patient with the right amount of pressure to maintain the airways open.

*APAPs are prescribed by physicians

*before being able to determine the right amount of pressure needed through such a device, a clinical sleep study is required

The APAP or Auto CPAP has the following features:

  • The device will deliver the ideal amount of pressure
  • It will increase or decrease delivered pressure to offer patients the ideal or required amount of pressure
  • Operated on a “breath by breath” basis
  • Patents have the option to set the APAP to function in CPAP or Auto mode as well

The Apap or Auto CPAP devices are regarded as “intelligent breathing apparatuses” and they come equipped with special software that helps the physician make the required adjustments. The software helps delivering ideal CPAP therapy to Obstructive Sleep Apnea patients, and the entire therapy can be monitored easily thanks to the smart integrated software.

The APAP devices are also regarded more advanced in technology and delivery of therapy than the CPAP machines. Some other terms generally used to describe the APAP machines include “auto-titrating” CPAPs, “self-adjusting” CPAPs, “auto-adjusting” CPAPs, or Automatic CPAP machines.

Benefits of an APAP or Auto CPAP device

  • It helps delivering the “right” amount of pressure, based on individual patient needs
  • Provides more efficient therapy, preventing apnea & hypopnea episodes
  • Reduces efficiently aerophagia (the accidental/involuntary swallowing of air which in turn leads to bloating and discomfort)

Why patients might need changes in pressure

There are many health factors which could call for changes in the way CPAP therapy is being delivered. Some of these factors include weight loss or weight gain, periods of chronic fatigue, the consumption of alcohol, taking prescription medication which has as a side effect sleepiness, congestion induced by certain allergies or illnesses such as flu/colds, and many other such important factors.

  • APAP machines are extremely quiet
  • there are many models available which have an inbuilt heated humidifier for higher quality ambient air, preventing even condensation
  • these advanced technology APAP machines are very compact and they feature intelligent software incorporated
  • many APAP machines are equipped with enhanced settings and features that allow adjusting the pressure extremely smoothly during an obstructive episode
  • to reduce noise even more, many APAP devices come with a special cap that can be fitted onto the back of the machine, and it will help reducing noise even more serves its patients with the highest quality breathing devices that provide the right CPAP therapy for each breathing complication. If you would like to get more valuable information on how you can purchase a CPAP or APAP therapy device, please call the following Toll Free number: (866) 923 2727. Prescription information and detailed descriptions/specifications of CPAP and APAP machines can be found at|

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