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BiPAP AVAPS The non-invasive home ventilators.

AVAP - Average Volume Assure Pressure Support- devices are specially designed to be able to take over the control and automatically adapt to the changing  therapy needs of each patient. The AVAPS are non-invasive home ventilators which provide patients with the right amount of pressure needed to complete treatment.

The AVAPS come to revolutionize the way Bi-Level therapy is provided to breathing complication patients. The machines deliver a consistent tidal volume of pressure to the patient, and these machines use a special algorithm which will automatically make calculations for the changes in pressure which are required to deliver optimal tidal volume.

The IPAP pressure is also automatically increased or decreased in order to offer the best pressure support for patients with breathing difficulties. The AVAPS are intuitive breathing devices capable to adapt to the progression of the disease, thus delivering all the time the ideal  therapy to the patient.v

The needs of each patient are different. This is why the BiPAP devices represent the best solution for frequently changing patient needs.

*AVAPS are not only ideal for adult use, but they are extremely efficient even in the case of children 7+ years that require ventilation therapy

BiPAP AVAPS provide:

  • Highly improved patient care
  • Full adaptability to changing patient needs
  • Simplified patient management for the clinician
  • Although extremely complex devices, they are also incredibly light and quiet
  • Easy to use and maintain, which is a major benefit for both patient and physician

BiPAP AVAPS: Advanced technology, simple operation, maximum efficiency

The Average Volume Assured Pressure Support devices represent the most efficient therapeutic devices for patients rewiring noninvasive ventilation.

  • Smartly recognized leaks thanks to leaking sensing technology
  • Many AVAPS are equipped with humidity control features- the device analyzes the room temperature, patient
  • flow and the ambient humidity, creating ideal humidity levels for maximum comfort & more efficient  therapy

Benefits for the physician

Thanks to all these advanced technology features, physicians can now enjoy a simplified patient care schedule. The physician can access anytime the patient data through the software of the device and thus a better patient monitoring is possible. The physician can also evaluate the ventilation therapy efficiency much easier, and make the necessary adjustments as needed, for each patient individually.

For the most advanced BiPAP AVAPS machines, physicians can even connect wirelessly to their patients and analyze data/ make required adjustments.

Who can benefit the most of the BiPAP AVAPS

  • patients with COPD- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • patients with neuromuscular diseases
  • chronic hypoventilation patients
  • obesity hypoventilation patients

BiPAP AVAPS: Simplified & automatic patient care at your fingertips.

General technical specifications of AVAPS machines:

  • they are generally lightweight, in the rage 1.36 to 2 kg
  • operation modes of AVAPS include CPAP, S, ST, PC & T
  • target tidal volume can range between 200 and up to 1500ml
  • AVAPS are equipped with plenty of patient alarm signals such a low minute ventilation, patient disconnect, low tidal volume, etc.
  • display details generally include: tidal volume, respiratory rate, patient pressure and leak
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