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The CPAP Machines delivers CPAP therapy according to a prescribed pressure, known as “titrated” pressure. The physician is the one who will determine the exact amount of pressure that is required based on the clinical data of the patient.

Some patients require a more forceful pressure delivered, while others require a lower pressure. There are patients who cannot use the regular CPAP machine, but require a BiPAP which has two different pressure level adjustments, one type of pressure for breathing in and another pressure set for exhaling.

In order to diagnose correctly Obstructive Sleep Apnea and for the physician to be able to prescribe the right course of treatment, there are generally needed two nights of what is called a “Polysomnographic” testing.

  • During the first night of the study, the physician will check for symptoms and responses that are in accordance with the symptoms of sleep apnea (documenting REM sleep data) If the diagnosis is positive and the patient indeed has sleep apnea, the physician will suggest another night of testing.
  • During the second night the physician initiates and titrates nasal CPAP. The titration is needed in order to determine which is the lowest CPAP level that will help preventing obstructive apnea, snoring or hypopnea (an abnormally low respiratory rate) in the patient. The main aim of the sleep study is to determine the most effective CPAP pressure even for the most difficult scenarios during sleep, in all sleeping positions (such as heavy snoring, apnea moments, etc.)

Patients with obstructive sleep apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or other mild to severe respiratory problems will find the use of the CPAP extremely comforting. Patients receive the right amount and pressure for CPAP therapy, and they can breathe in and out easy. Their sleep will not be disturbed by apnea, sudden awakening because of sensations of choking or gasping for their breath.

CPAP Machines types

  • Fixed Flow CPAP machines- quite simple to use. The fixed CPAP Pressure delivers the prescribed flow.
  • Variable Flow CPAP Machines – more complex in usage. The variable flow CPAP does not require adjustments

There are many manufacturers offering different types of CPAP machines. It is the physician of each patient that will appoint the exact type and style of CPAP that is needed. However, at you can browse through the categories and different styles of CPAP machines offered by manufacturers. Each product contains important description, in-depth enumeration of technical details, pricing information and more.

CPAP machines are indeed efficient in assisting patients with mild to severe respiratory complications. CPAP machines are usually small and lightweight, and each device might come with different features such as heated humidifier, the ability to function on battery, and more.

For top quality brand name CPAP machines and relevant health & technical information on these devices, don’t hesitate to browse through the listings on

!Attention: In order to purchase a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device, you must make proof of valid prescription.

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