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CPAP Sleep Apnea Machines

or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure devices- are medical devices which use mild air pressure to maintain the airways of the patient open. CPAP devices are used as the best form of CPAP therapy for patients with varied pulmonary/heart complications such as heart failure, COPD, or Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

The CPAP Sleep Apnea machine consists of three parts:

  • The device proper which helps propelling air into the tube
  • A flexible special tube that connects the device with the mask
  • The CPAP mask that is worn by the patient during CPAP therapy

The most modern and high end technology CPAP machines are lightweight, quiet and they are equipped with extra features such as a heated humidifier, many setting options and even the possibility to store data on an SD card for the physician to monitor better the treatment.

The role of the CPAP machines is to provide the patient with a mild pressure which will help preventing airway collapse or blockage.

  • CPAP Sleep Apnea Machines help maintaining the airways open
  • The device helps reducing snoring
  • CPAP definitely improves sleep & life quality
  • Sleep apnea symptoms are alleviated: chronic fatigue, daytime sleepiness, continuous stress & anxiety
  • Studies have shown that continuous therapy with the CPAP Sleep Apnea Machine helps lowering blood pressure

CPAP therapy is regarded as a non-invasive solution to assist with different breathing complications. Often times a CPAP Sleep Apnea Machine can help eliminating the need of intubation (surgical placement of a permanent plastic tube into the airways to maintain them open).

Choosing the best fitting CPAP mask is a crucial factor to keep in mind. If the CPAP mask does not fit well, mask leaks could appear. If the mask comes with too tight straps, the mask might cut into the skin causing irritations and facial pain.

Remember the following when choosing the mask that will go with the CPAP Sleep Apnea Machine:

  • CPAP mask with nasal pillows + side straps- these types of masks are generally advisable in the case of claustrophobic patients who cannot get adjusted to wearing full face masks. This type of mask is also non-obstructive for your vision, and it is perfect for people who need to wear glasses at times during the therapy
  • Nasal CPAP mask with ball cap style straps- these CPAP masks are recommendable for patients who sleep a lot on their abdomen/ on their side because the mask does not have side straps that are uncomfortable.
  • Foam cushion CPAP masks with side straps- The CPAP mask covers the nose only and mask seal is guaranteed by the foam cushion around the nose. The mask is fitted with side straps- the perfect solution for active sleepers because the mask is quite flexible thanks to the foam cushion seal
  • Full Face CPAP masks- these cover both the nose and the mouth, and generally come with side straps. The full face CPAP mask is a good solution for patients with nasal congestion who need to breathe through the mouth as well.
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