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SleepRestfully is a leading supplier of top quality respiratory aids coming from renowned providers such as SeQual Eclipse or Philips Respironics EverGo. Even though the highest quality medical devices in this range are not cheap, SleepRestfully ensures to offer its clients the most competitive prices on the market.

Financing Solutions & Advice

SleepRestfully welcomes patients to contact the friendly and highly experienced professionals at customer service for the best advice and suggestions regarding the purchase of an EverGo breathing device, or any other type of respiration – CPAP/BiPAP equipment.

EverGo- The most versatile & comfortable portable oxygen concentrator

EverGO is a POC-Portable Oxygen Concentrator- manufactured by Philips Respironics. The device offers freedom of movement even to the most active users; EverGo is the oxygen therapy solution which allows patients to get the required therapy wherever they are- on the plane, travelling by car, on camping trips, while shopping or enjoying long walks.

Patients will never again have to worry they will run out of oxygen. The battery life of the EverGo portable oxygen concentrator by Philips Respironics lasts for up to 8 hours, plus:

  • 1050 ml / minute oxygen capacity
  • Lightweight design -weighs approximately 4.5 kg
  • EverGo is equipped with a user friendly touch screen
  • FAA approved for air travel- EverGo is the no.1 choice for active patients who travel frequently by plane. The device can be used on most of the commercial airlines, including but not limited to: American Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest, Midwest, Delta, ATA, Alaska, Horizon, Iceland Air & plenty more!

EverGo: Oxygen takes you wherever you want to go EverGo is simple, easy to use but highly versatile & efficient:

  • It will improve your quality of life- if you have been mostly housebound because of a poorly performing POC, it is time to upgrade to EverGo
  • With up to 8 hours battery life- no worries anymore that oxygen will run out when you enjoy life the most!
  • EverGo has been designed for use at home, in institutions or in mobile environments. Whether by plane or car, oxygen will stay with you.
  • Smart overall design concealing its real purpose- the device will look just like any other carry bag, so it will not draw attention
  • EverGo is an extremely quiet portable oxygen concentrator

What is included in the box

  • the EverGo portable oxygen concentrator by Philips Respironics
  • AC + DC power cords- charge your respiratory machine whenever and wherever you need
  • a wheeled cart that is extremely light and comes in a foldable design + locking handle a special case for the accessories
  • as many as 2 Lithium Ion powerful batteries which will provide continuous therapy for up to 8 hours
  • the user manual- learn easy and quick how to set up and operate EverGo

*Patients can charge & use their EverGo machine at the same time

*The touch screen user friendly interface allows for easy operation. The touchscreen displays remaining battery life + other settings

*EverGo is extremely low maintenance. The filter can be quickly detached and cleaned when needed.

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