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Inogen One

With the versatile Inogen One portable oxygen concentrators patients can get the required oxygen therapy anywhere, anytime. This POC is designed to offer active patients the freedom of mobility they require. It is lightweight. It is quiet. It delivers efficient oxygen therapy.

At SleepRestfully experts can offer you the best assistance in choosing the type of POC machine that is compatible with your condition. The friendly team at customer service can also guide you through the available financial solutions which can make buying such a POC affordable to you.

Every portable oxygen concentrator in the Inogen One family is approved:

  • For daytime & nighttime use
  • For stationary & mobile environments (travel use)

! The Inogen One portable oxygen concentrators are covered by Medicare + other private insurance policies. Always check with your insurer before investing in POC medical devices, to see what is covered.

! The Inogen One portable oxygen concentrators produce therapeutic quality oxygen from the ambient air. This means you will never run out of oxygen.

The Inogen One Family of Portable Oxygen Concentrators

The Inogen One portable concentrator offers patients freedom of movement- and this is the most important feature of any good concentrator. Patients with breathing difficulties want to be active, and Inogen One family of products allows just that: INDEPENDENCE.

Getting oxygen therapy using conventional methods is frustrating for most of the patients. They constantly have to monitor how much oxygen is still available before running out completely. Traditional oxygen tanks represent a solution of the past. The innovative INOGEN ONE family of portable concentrators produces the right amount of therapeutic oxygen whenever and wherever you need it.

With Inogen One you will:

  • regain your mobility & get freedom of movement
  • never worry again that you are running out of oxygen
  • improve overall quality of your life

Whether you choose the Inogen One G2 System or the Inogen One G3 System you can rest assured that you will invest in a safe, efficient and personalized type of oxygen therapy.

Common accessories of INOGEN ONE family of portable oxygen concentrators

  • The devices are easy to carry around thanks to the mobile cart and carry bag
  • Lithium Ion batteries- these powerful batteries provide up to 5 hours of therapeutic oxygen therapy. Users can choose between single Lithium Batteries (up to 5 hours operation) and Double Lithium batteries which provide up to 10 hours of continuous therapy with oxygen
  • Powerful air cleansing filters- these will ensure that your Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator delivers the highest quality, purest therapeutic oxygen. The filters will help keeping outside all dust particles, bacteria and allergens.
  • Inogen ONE concentrators also come with full size backpacks for even more comfort while on the go

! The Inogen One G3 is only 4.8 pounds, it has flow settings from 1 to 4 and the portable oxygen concentrator provides one solution for all your needs: for home therapy, for therapy while traveling & oxygen while you sleep!

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