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Oxygen Concentrators represent the preferred way of therapeutic oxygen treatment. Regular ambient air contains approximately 21% oxygen, but patients with lung problems such as COPD, lung cancer or Obstructive Sleep Apnea patients require richer concentration oxygen in order to breathe at normal rates.

Physicians make the necessary adjustments on an oxygen concentrator device, depending on the individual health requirements of the patient. An oxygen concentrator can deliver up to 10 LPM (Liters per Minute).

In selecting the right oxygen concentrator device, there are many factors patients should keep in mind such as the ease of use of the device, the overall investment required, the reliability of the manufacturing brand or portability features.

Many oxygen concentrators offer both Continuous Flow and Pulse Dose technology. In Pulse Dose the oxygen is delivered with each breath the patient initiates (right at the edge of each inhalation process). Some patients feel particularly comfortable using Pulse Dose oxygen therapy during the day, and Continuous oxygen flow during the night.

In the past, the greatest majority of oxygen concentrators have been heavy, bulky, quite noisy and with a not so attractive design. World leading medical device manufacturers are now striving to offer better and more efficient oxygen concentrators which you can easily check out at

Today’s oxygen concentrators are

  • sleek in design & up to 40% smaller than traditional devices
  • lightweight devices
  • low maintenance machines
  • equipped with user friendly controls- the oxygen flow can be adjusted with one single click

With ergonomic and compact design, most of the modern oxygen concentrators are easy to carry around. The two main types of concentrators include:

  • stationary concentrators
  • portable oxygen concentrators

If cost effectiveness, product and therapy efficiency represent your highest priority, you should choose a portable concentrator which delivers oxygen in Pulse Dose mode. Philips Respironics offers a wide range of Pulse Dose concentrators with very high oxygen flow (even up to 1.5 LPM)

These types of oxygen concentrators can be easily carried in a bag with shoulder straps, and many models come with an ergonomic special rolling cart with wheels for more comfort while on the go. If you require both Continuous Flow and Pulse Dose oxygen therapy, you should choose a device that incorporates both types of therapy modules.

Active patients, who travel frequently, should opt for a portable oxygen concentrator that:

  • is FAA cleared for use on the plane
  • comes with many helpful accessories such as AC power and DC power charge
  • offers enough battery power. With one single lithium ion battery a portable oxygen concentrator can run for up to 4 hours, while on double battery it can offer uninterrupted oxygen therapy for 8 hours
  • portable oxygen device that operates at high altitudes -8,000 to 10,000 feet-

Portable oxygen concentrators offer patients the freedom of movement they always dreamed about. They can be on required oxygen therapy while shopping, walking, playing golf, taking a road trip or traveling by plane.

Portable oxygen concentrators guarantee active life without boundaries to sleep apnea or other lung disorder patients.

  • Unparalleled freedom of movement
  • Improved health & mood
  • Up to 8 or 10 hours battery life
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