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Patients with COPD, lung cancer, emphysema, other breathing insufficiencies or Obstructive Sleep Apnea will have to get supplemental oxygen into their lungs to be able to breathe at normal rates. The physician will typically prescribe the use of an Oxygen Concentrator. There are both portable concentrators available, and stationary machines.

  • The portable oxygen concentrators take ambient air (air from the room), run it through filters, pressurize it and deliver therapeutic quality oxygen for the patient
  • The stationary oxygen concentrator devices require that a special oxygen tank is connected to the machine, and these are generally required by patients who need supplemental oxygen therapy (richer, more concentrated oxygen than the one delivered by portable oxygen concentrators). offers patients stationary Oxygen Concentrators designed by world renowned brands such as Invacare or Philips Respironics. There are many models available, and your physician is the one who will appoint which exact type of oxygen concentrator best suits your needs.

The greatest majority of modern Oxygen Concentrators are every quiet and running smoothly to deliver optimum oxygen therapy. On average, the stationary oxygen concentrators weigh 30 pounds and they are available in either 5LPM (Liter per Minute) or 10LPM oxygen delivery.

Two of the most popular stationary oxygen concentrators include the Philips Respironics Oxygen Concentrator and the Invacare Oxygen Concentrator. Both these models are superior quality devices perfect for home use.

The Home Fill Oxygen Concentrator by Invacare allows patients to fill their own oxygen in tanks or oxygen cylinders. The Home Fill Oxygen Concentrator compresses oxygen from a special system into different size cylinders such as M9(C), M2, ML4 or ML6 tanks.

Main features of the Invacare HomeFill Oxygen Concentrator:

  • Patients can fill their ambulatory oxygen system an unlimited number of times
  • During sleep, COPD or emphysema patients will receive Continuous Flow oxygen therapy for maximum breathing comfort
  • The stationary system can be easily moved around the house
  • The purity of the oxygen delivered from the cylinders is always 90%+

Ambulatory oxygen concentrator systems are today available with even greater ease of use and comfort. There is no more need to pay extra for oxygen cylinder deliveries, since patients can now fill the cylinders themselves.

Another important stationary Oxygen Concentrator comes from Philips Respironics. The EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator has an ergonomic design and is smaller and lighter than traditional ambulatory oxygen concentrators. Besides being extremely quiet with a noise level of only 43dB, the oxygen concentrator is also very energy efficient.

Forte points of the EverFLO Stationary Oxygen Concentrator:

  • Patients do not have to perform filter maintenance
  • The device is made by lightweight but extra durable metal
  • The EverFlo has fewer moving parts compared to traditional Oxygen Concentrators
  • EverFlo is available in 3 different versions; the standard oxygen concentrator with a very high concentration, the lower power version (for use within the UK) and the quietest version with noise levels kept well below 40dB

SleepRestfully assists patients with any questions they night have regarding financing options available, the type of Oxygen Concentrator that would suit their needs or general information related to oxygen therapy for home use.

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