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Patients with respiratory disorders or pulmonary disease require the use of a portable oxygen concentrator to get enough oxygen into their lungs with each breath. SleepRestfully, Inc is a leading supplier in the industry of oxygen therapy devices ever since 1971. If you need to purchase a CPAP or BiPAP device, a portable oxygen concentrator, a humidifier or other CPAP accessories, you can purchase with complete peace of mind through

Portable oxygen concentrators can improve your quality of life, and they represent a much more cost effective and safe solution than the concentrators which require liquid oxygen cylinders. These types of devices also represent the best choice if you want to enjoy peace of mind and comfort while traveling and getting oxygen therapy.

The portable oxygen concentrators have the ability to transform ambient air into medical grade, almost pure therapeutic quality oxygen. SleepRestfully offers you top quality devices manufactured by leaders in the industry. The devices come with budget friendly prices, and you can perform a side by side comparison of the devices by using the special chart available on the website.

Portable oxygen machines are quite maintenance free, they are lightweight and very quiet. It is extremely important to discuss with your doctor regarding which type of portable oxygen concentrator would best suit you current health needs. Some patients may even require supplemental oxygen therapy, where a special bleed in adaptor needs to be attached to the main device and thus the patients receive higher concentration oxygen.

One single battery in a portable oxygen concentrator can last easily for up to 5 hours, while if you choosea double battery the device can perform for up to 8 or even 10 hours. Some of the most robust, efficient and easy to maintain POCs are the ones manufactured by leader brands in the industry such as Philips Respironics or Inogen.

Keep in mind the following POC tips

  • Read carefully the instruction manual of your device
  • Ensure the filters are cleaned/replaced regularly- exactly as required by the manufacturer
  • Whether used with an oxygen tank or not, portable oxygen concentrators should always be kept away from sources of heat and flame. Smoking anywhere near a POC is strictly prohibited.
  • When the accessories of a portable oxygen concentrator are cleansed with mild soap and water, these must be allowed to dry away from direct sunlight
  • Check frequently the flexible tubing of your POC to make sure it is not damaged. When the tubing shows signs of wear and tear, it must be replaced
  • With portable oxygen tanks air travels have not been possible. However, the portable oxygen concentrator offers patients the freedom to travel by plane. Most of the top quality POCs are cleared by the FAA, you just need to contact the airline company and inform the staff regarding your intent to take your POC on board
  • Dining out, shopping, traveling, camping, attending conferences, or longer road trips are now possible for patients with emphysema or other breathing disorders. However, POCs can be purchased only if you make proof of a valid prescription.
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