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Oxygen is the most important nutrient for life to happen. Patients with breathing difficulties such as Emphysema, COPD or Obstructive Sleep Apnea cannot get enough oxygen into their lungs. When their blood, brain and entire system does not oxygenate properly their life is at risk. Physicians generally prescribe portable oxygen concentrators for home use, and patients can finally breathe at normal rates and enough oxygen enters their lungs.

The portable oxygen concentrators are extremely versatile and they help patients getting proper oxygen therapy at home or while traveling. For the latest technology, top quality portable oxygen concentrators, patients can log on to Here, they will have instant access to plenty of informational and educational resources about oxygen therapy, and to a wide range of products coming from brand names such as Philips Respironics, Devilbiss, Invacare or Fisher & Paykel.

Portable oxygen concentrators & how they work

Patients purchase the portable oxygen concentrator based on a medical prescription. These devices take air from the ambient, run it through special filters, pressurize it and finally deliver therapeutic quality oxygen for the patients to breathe in.

The portable oxygen concentrator improves the quality of life of the patients, allowing them to become more active and get more peace of mind while being on therapy. The portable oxygen concentrators can be used on planes, on trains, busses, in institutions, and virtually everywhere the patient needs to be and have proper therapy on the go.

Portable oxygen concentrators can deliver Continuous Flow oxygen or Pulse Dose Therapy. In continuous flow mode the device delivers a constant burst of oxygen, regardless of the breathing rate of the patient. In Pulse Dose, the device will emit a burst of oxygen only each time a breath is initiated by the patient. Many patients have found the Pulse Dose oxygen concentrators even more efficient than continuous flow devices. However, Pulse Dose is not recommended for use during the night.

What’s important when investing in a portable oxygen concentrator?

  • Always discuss with your physician which is the exact type/model of concentrator that will deliver efficient oxygen therapy in your case
  • The CPAP or BiPAP mask needs to fit perfectly. A mask that is loose will allow for mask leaks to happen and this will compromise the quality of the oxygen therapy. A mask which is too tight on the other hand might easily cause skin irritations and even lesions.
  • Patients always need to purchase top quality portable oxygen concentrators designed by important manufacturers on the market. Only this way can you rest assured that you will receive the best quality treatment, and have a reliable and safe portable oxygen concentrator for home or outdoors use  

At SleepRestfully you can have access to a wide variety of portable oxygen concentrators from brands such as Invacare or Respironics and to many important accessories.

Portable oxygen concentrator accessories include comfort pillows that allow patients to turn comfortably on any side while wearing the mask, rainout guards for CPAP machines, tubing wraps, flexible tubes, CPAP masks, nasal soft CPAP cushions and plenty more.

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