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Philips Healthcare has always strived to offer the most innovative and efficient solutions to patients with different health problems. Philips Respironics brings the SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator which is recommended for patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea or other breathing difficulties. can offer you the SimplyGo POC on a budget friendly price, and you can also shop for the best accessories that will match your device. Please keep in mind that in order to purchase any portable oxygen concentrator you need to make proof of a valid medical prescription.

SimplyGo by Respironics provides flexibility and ease of use for the patient. Regardless of where in this world you need to use your portable oxygen concentrator you can do it thanks to the dual voltage the device is equipped with.

SimplyGo best features:

  • With one Lithium Ion battery, SimplyGo functions for 3.5 hours on Pulse Mode setting and 2 hours in Continuous Flow.
  • In Continuous Flow SimplyGo delivers between 0. And 2 LPM and in pulse dose it delivers between 0.5 and 6LPM
  • SimplyGo offers 3 different settings: Continuous Flow, Pulse Dose & Sleep Mode
  • The device is perfect for both stationary and mobile use. SimplyGo can be easily carried around in a stylish carry bag and patients can even take the device with them while traveling by plane  

When you order SimplyGo by Respironics through SleepRestfully you will receive the following within the package: the SimplyGo portable oxygen concentrator, an AC power adapter and a DC power adapter, one rechargeable Lithium Ion battery offering freedom of se for up to 3.5 hours, a universal mobile cart, the user manual and a special accessory case.

SleepRestfully can offer you any replacement part for the SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrator. SleepResfully also offers unparalleled quality customer service, so please contact us should you have any questions regarding which portable oxygen concentrator is most suitable in your case. Please call the following Toll Free Number (866) 923-2727 and a friendly customer service professional will assist with your enquiry.

What Makes SimplyGo by Respironics so different from all the other portable oxygen concentrators? It offers 3 different operation modules not only 2 as all the other POCs in the same range:

  • Pulse Mode – When SimplyGo is used in Pulse Mode it will deliver a burst of therapeutic oxygen every time the device senses a breath. When the patient begins to take the breath, SimplyGo is already sending a pulsed volume of oxygen for the patient to breathe in.
  • The Continuous Flow Mode- Depending on the LPM setting, the device will deliver a constant flow of oxygen.
  • Sleep Mode Oxygen Therapy by SimplyGo- this is the third available setting and it is quite similar to Pulse Mode. However, in Sleep Mode the concentrator will deliver a much softer flow/burst of oxygen which is much more comfortable to use during sleep. In case the SimplyGo does not detect a breath, the system will automatically switch to continuous flow oxygen delivery. In this case the device “remembers” the last used Continuous Flow setting and will deliver oxygen therapy according to that setting.
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