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VPAP- or Variable Positive Airway Pressure- devices are highly recommended for patients diagnosed with sleep disorders and different breathing dysfunctions. The VPAP machines deliver high quality, therapeutic pressure for the patient to breathe uninterrupted and unobstructed during sleep.

Emphysema, pulmonary inefficiency, lung disease, Obstructive Sleep Apnea or Central Sleep Apnea are all conditions in which the patient cannot get a sufficient amount of oxygen into their lungs. Their upper airways are obstructed, their bloodstream lacks sufficient oxygen, and these devices will restore the balance by delivering rich oxygen for the patient to breathe in.

Best features of VPAP therapy:
  • The device basically adapts to the breathing needs of the patient, breath by breath
  • The VPAP machine has integrated smart technology which allows it to calculate the perfect target ventilation
  • VPAP nicely adjusts the pressure output based on individual patient needs

The difference between a VPAP and CPAP

*The CPAP machine provides the patient with Continuous Flow - a constant dose of pressure for the patient while he breathes in and exhales

*the VPAP machine actually “reads” the breathing pattern of the patient and delivers high pressure when he inhales, and a lower dose of pressure for exhalation

Many patients find the CPAP machines quite uncomfortable mainly during the exhale process. Not all patients can get used to exhaling “against” a higher pressure coming from the machine. In that sense, VPAP devices incorporate much smarter technology which is custom tailored to the exact breathing pattern of the patient.

VPAP machines offer extremely efficient treatment for Central or Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The greatest majority of innovative VPAP machines you will find featured on are very easy to use even for first time sleep therapy patients.

There are also many noncompliant Obstructive Sleep Apnea patients for whom the traditional CPAP machines do not work well. For them, physicians will recommend the use of a VPAP, or auto adjusting bi-level therapy. Some further benefits of VPAP machines include:

  • Thanks to the automatically adjusting bi-level technology, breathing feels more natural
  • The most modern VPAP devices have a very low noise output
  • Intuitive control panel which allows for quick and easy adjustments in your therapy
  • Many models are available with incorporated heated humidifiers

VPAP & Humidifiers

The incorporated humidifiers help delivering constant and comfortable temperature + humidity levels through the mask of the patient. The humidifiers generally maintain both humidity and temperature of the oxygen, all throughout the night. Humidifiers are perfect for patients who struggle with certain allergies, or who adapt difficultly to sudden climate changes.

SleepRestfully is the leading supplier of some of the best quality VPAP, BiPAP or CPAP machines for sleep therapy. The friendly team of experts at customer service can also help you select the right type of accessories that will make your treatment even more efficient and comfortable.

At SleepRestfully we can afford to offer the most competitive prices on the market as we deal directly with the suppliers of this type of equipment. We ship on a nationwide level, and if you need advice on a certain type of VPAP device, please call for expert assistance.

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