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GoLife for Women Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

 A nasal pillow designed just for women

Philips Respironics GoLife for Women

Women on CPAP therapy often complain about heavy and bulky CPAP masks which do not provide a good seal and feel quite uncomfortable too. The GoLife for women by Philips Respironics has been specifically designed to for the finer features of the female face. This is a CPAP mask which is incredibly stable and designed with overall simple lines.

GoLife for women nasal pillow CPAP mask is the first such sleep therapy mask which has been built exclusively for women. Women have finer contours than men, so they require CPAP mask frames which follow smoothly these contours. Go Life for men and women masks have been designed upon the gender specific fit concept. Thanks to this, the masks provide the best stability, providing protection against mask leaks.

Fitting the GoLife for women nasal pillow CPAP mask:

  • First, you will need to pull the headgear over your head
  • Then place the nasal pillows (cushions) into the nostrils
  • Within package you will receive different sized pillows, so that you can find instantly the size that fits you most comfortably. The cushions should fit comfortably into the nostrils, but without leaving air gaps between the walls of your nostrils and the pillows
  • Next, adjust the CPAP mask straps so that the frame will rest comfortably on your head. It is extremely important not to over tighten the straps, because you will get a sensation of tightness and pressure points could emerge
  • The back strap of the mask needs to rest comfortably at the base of your head; adjust the top headgear strap and allow it to rest right above the ears.
  • To get started with your therapy, you need to connect the CPAP tubing, and then turn on the CPAP device

GoLife for women has been designed with as few parts as possible to make adjusting, cleaning and maintenance quick and simple. The mask frame is also equipped with soft facial contour arms which gently hug the cheeks and help avoiding pressure at the level of the face.

GoLife is optimized for maximum comfort

Patients using GoLife nasal pillows CPAP mask enjoy the most natural sleep therapy. The nasal pillows rest comfortably into the nostrils providing the best seal, and the minimalist CPAP mask frame provides the best stability without compromising overall comfort. The nasal pillows are optimally angled so that patients do not have to perform complex adjustments to find the perfect fit. Overall comfort and flexibility is further enhanced by the 36-degree swivel which will allow tubing to rotate nicely as you move.

Patients can choose between 4 different sizes – Petite, Small, Medium and Large. GoLife for women can be adjusted with one single move, thanks to the headgear made of one single piece and the nasal pillows which are self-adjusting.

For successful sleep therapy and compliance right from the first use, you should definitely check out GoLife for women nasal pillows CPAP mask by Philips Respironics.

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