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Activox DUO2 Home and Portable Oxygen Concentrator

LifeChoice Activox DUO2 stationary and portable oxygen concentrator

Activox Duo2 is a compact, highly efficient and patient compliant medical equipment that combines perfectly the advantages of a continuous flow stationary POC with the efficiency of a portable concentrator. This device represents a fully integrated solution on a 24-hour basis for patients needing a reliable oxygen therapy solution.

  •  Long lasting battery life
  • FAA approved
  • No tanks & carts – full mobility without compromises
  • Lightweight & hands free oxygen solution

This device has been developed for oxygen therapy patients who love to lead active lifestyles, without compromises. The Activox Duo2 offers maximum patient comfort, compliance and ease of use all packed in one reliable solution.

There are no heavy carts that need to be dragged around and no bulky tanks to carry. This LifeChoice POC represents the ideal solution for patients constantly on the go, those travelling and those wishing to enjoy an all in one solution for their therapeutic needs- at home or away from home.

  • The PRO model offers up to 12.5 hour of ongoing portability
  • Models weighing less than 5lbs
  • 3 hour external battery available (optional accessory)
  • No carts. No tanks.
  • Up to 4LPMeg Pulse Wave algorithm

This POC can be used while charging at home. Get efficient oxygen therapy in your home, and get the required peace of mind while you are traveling.

Powerful AutoMode & PulseWave algorithms

The AutoMode algorithm detects every single change in your breathing waveform and adapts therapy to your individual needs. PulseWave technology delivers ‘pulses’ of oxygen custom tailored to your exact needs and requirements. Get the required amount of oxygen right to your lungs, every time.

PulseWave is an extremely gentle oxygen delivery system that helps reducing the side effects associated with traditional POC therapy such as nose bleeds and dry nose syndrome.

What’s included

  • Activox Duo2 stationary concentrator
  • Activox POC
  • Replacement Air Filter
  • Maintenance Tool
  • External Battery Crate
  •  3 Years limited warranty

The device comes with a retractable handle & large wheels for maximized portability. Instant portability made easy by the lightweight structure of the device (sub 5 lbs). Sleek design & noise suppression guaranteed by quality exhaust vents.

Technical Specifications

Device Electrical Classification: Class II, Type B
Stationary Base Weight: 37.5 lbs. (17 kg)
Dimensions: 14.2” w x 24.8” h x 14.6” d (36 cm w x 63 cm h x 37cm d)
Mode of Operation: Continuous Flow Setting Control: 0 to 5 LPM
Oxygen Concentration: 93% ± 3% (0-5 LPM)
Oxygen Concentration Sensor Alarm: 82% or less
Maximum Outlet Pressure: 8 psi (55 kPa)
Average Sound Level: 45 dB(A) at 10 ft. (3 m)
Power Supply: 110 (±10%) VAC, 60 Hz (Model 130-001)
Nasal Cannula: 57 ft. (17.3 m) maximum

Environmental Conditions for Use, Storage and Transport

Operational Temperature Range: 50°F to 95°F (10°C to 35°C)
Operational Humidity Range: Up to 95%, Non-condensing
Storage Temperature Range: 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C)
Storage Humidity Range: Up to 95%, Non-condensing
Oxygen Sensor: 41°F to 113°F (5°C to 45°C), 0 to 13,123 ft. (0 to 4000 m)

Activox Duo2 Home and Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Product ID DUO-P4L-US
Manufacturer Inova Labs
Activox Duo2 Home and Portable Oxygen Concentrator Discounts Apply !
Activox DUO2 is the first fully integrated stationary and portable oxygen concentrator system. It combines the benefits of a continuous flow stationary concentrator with the portability of a lightweight LifeChoice Activox portable concentrator for a 24-hour oxygen solution.
The stationary oxygen concentrator provides between 1 LPM and 5LM of continuous flow oxygen and you can choose the Portable Oxygen Concentrator that best fills your needs.
LifeChoice Activox DUO@ Stationary and Portable Oxygen Concentrator
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