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Sleep Comfort Care Pad

Comfort Care Pad

Sleep Comfort Care Pad

Uncomfortable/ ill-fitting CPAP or BiPAP masks can easily cause skin irritations and sores. The greatest majority of CPAP mask users say their therapy became much more comfortable with the use of the right comfort pad. The patient places the Sleep Comfort Care Pad over the bridge of the nose, and then wears the mask upon it. The comfort pad helps:

  • Eliminating facial sores
  • Mask leaks are successfully eliminated because the comfort pad acts as a barrier between the skin and the CPAP mask
  • The mask becomes much more comfortable- the Comfort Care Pad can be worn with both a nasal mask and a full face mask
  • The comfort pad is genuinely made in the USA

The Sleep Comfort Care Pad will be placed upon the bridge of the nose and the patient will feel the mask becoming instantly comfortable. It is extremely important to purchase a perfectly fitting CPAP mask, but some patients with skin sensitivity complain of skin sores and irritations caused by the mask. Since you need to wear the mask sometimes 8+ hours during the night, the Comfort care pad is the best solution to eliminate any discomfort.

Sleep Comfort Care Pad main features

  • A polymer gel comfort pad made of USP grade mineral oil
  • The sleep pad is hypoallergenic
  • Silicone free
  • Latex free
  • The Sleep Comfort Care Pad is reusable- it can be sanitized easily using a mix of lukewarm water and mild soap
  • Clinical grade accessory which helps delivering perfect mask seal and comfort

Using regularly the CPAP or BPAP mask can lead to sores or irritations around the bridge of the nose, which is generally a sensitive skin area. Each patient has a different facial structure and skin texture, so the same mask will cause different reactions to different people. The best way to transform a tight, uncomfortable mask which cuts into the skin is to wear the Sleep Comfort Care Pad. The soft gel pad will act as a comfort cushion between the skin and the mask.

Patients should place the gel pad over the bridge of their nose, covering particularly the sensitive/ mask irritated areas. It is also important to ensure that the Sleep Comfort Care Pad is placed in such a manner that it will hinder mask leaks completely. Try fitting the gel pad several times until you find the desired positioning which is most comfortable and efficient.

There are many such gel pads available on the market, which require adhesives or a special tape to keep the pad firmly in place. The Sleep gel care pad does not require any such maneuvers- you will just simply place it over the bridge of your nose, and the gel pad will take nicely the contour of your skin.

The gel pad should be cleansed each morning after you wake up, using water and mild soap. The gel pad needs to be stored in a cool and dry place until next use. A special container is provided with your Sleep Comfort Care Pad.

Easy To Use

  1. Place Sleep Comfort Care Pad on face as shown.

  2. Fit and secure mask to face and pad.

Pad shown in color for display only. Mask sold separately.

Nasal Soft CPAP Cushion
Product ID NSC-001
Manufacturer Sleep Care Technologies
Nasal Soft CPAP Cushion Discounts Apply !
  • Description

By adding extra padding between the CPAP mask and nose the Nasal Soft CPAP Cushion helps prevent nasal skin breakdown, bridge soreness and mask leaks.

Works with all brands of nasal and full face mask. Each pad will last approximately 30 days.

The Nasal Soft CPAP Cushion is made from a patented gel that contains pharmaceutical grade mineral oil. It is hypoallergenic, non toxic and is designed to not support bacterial growth.

Follow Instructions for each use:
• Wash Cushion with a mild soap & warm water
• Pat dry with lent-free cloth
• Place cushion on face (as shown on model - top right
• Fit CPAP mask onto cushion

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