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ComfortFusion Nasal CPAP Mask

ComfortFusion Nasal CPAP Mask

The ComfortFusion CPAP mask is designed and developed to meet the needs of the widest range of patients. The CPAP mask helps making CPAP therapy more compliant, more comfortable and more efficient.

  • Provides reliable mask seal- so that you will not have to put up with masks leaks during therapy
  • Extremely easy & quick fit guaranteed by the innovative Quick Clips
  • Replaceable cushion- the FitPack features both a small and a medium cushion which allows physicians to fit 90% of their patients with the ComfortFusion CPAP mask by Philips Respironics

With ComfortFusion Nasal CPAP Mask you get more comfort for the value. Many patients complain that full face CPAP masks are too bulky, sometimes heavy and these obstruct their field of vision. Opting for an innovative nasal mask such as the ComfortFusion, you will get:

  • a lightweight mask that you can barely “feel” that you are wearing it
  • a perfectly fitting mask, regardless of your facial structure. The mask simply molds to your individual face contour, providing the best comfort
  • a CPAP mask with the best seal & comfort fit- the mask features the innovative StabilitySelector which allows you to lower or raise the mask in order to achieve the most comfortable angle for therapy

Years ago, patients requiring CPAP therapy had to comply with extremely rigid masks which were uncomfortable. Active sleepers found these masks completely inefficient, as mask leaks became unavoidable every single time a patient would turn in his bed and the mask moved in any way. ComfortFusion is a flexible mask that provides the best seal and maximum comfort for CPAP therapy.

The mask features a soft cushion that will mold around the bridge of the nose, providing a gentle yet firm seal. Thanks to the StabilitySelector feature, patients can now fit the mask at the most comfortable angle without having to apply pressure for support with the straps.

The forehead cushion of the mask is also aimed to provide the patent with comfort during therapy. The cushion is soft, it molds nicely onto the forehead and this way the mask will not cause any irritations or soreness at the forehead.

With ComfortFusion CPAP nasal mask you go to sleep comfortably, and you wake up refreshed!

ComfortFusion promises:

  • Robust mask seal & stability
  • Refreshing sleep
  • No complaints from irritations around the bridge of the nose or the forehead
  • No “tight” around the head feeling thanks to the StabilitySelector feature which allows adjusting the mask to optimum desired angle, without causing any pressures
  • Latex free, DEHP free CPAP therapy accessory- even patients with most sensitive skin can use it without problems
  • Overall, a stronger product which will last longer

SleepRestfully offers patients the ComfortFusion Nasal CPAP mask on the most competitive prices. For any questions regarding the purchase of a mask, a CPAP device or any other CPAP therapy product available on the site, please contact customer service. Our friendly and experienced professionals are happy to assist you with your enquiry.

ComfortFusion Nasal CPAP Mask
Product ID 1040768
Manufacturer Philips Respironics
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The comfort patients need. The value you desire The ComfortFusion mask combines years of mask design experience with the understanding of your needs. It meets those needs with the features you want most, including a reliable seal, an easy fit and a replaceable cushion. And the new FitPack™ comes with both a small and a medium cushion, fitting 90% of patients right away - offering the value that you have always looked for. 

ComfortFusion Nasal CPAP Mask

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