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FLYP Portable Nebulizer

FLYP Portable Nebulizer

FLYP Nebulizer Selected as Product of the Year by MedTrade

FLYP is an innovative and highly intuitive pocket friendly nebulizer suitable for patients with asthma or COPD complications. The nebulizer is suitable for both children and adults. This product has won the Product of the Year award at the 2018 MedTrade annual medical equipment convention. Standard size nebulizers can make patients feel somewhat embarrassed every time they need to use the device for medical purposes. Flyp is an extremely small and user friendly nebulizer that can be used while traveling, at home, or while working. Flyp will never make users feel isolated or trapped when they have to take the required medication with the help of a nebulizer. Flyp portable nebulizer

  • Travel friendly medical accessory- Take it with you while traveling and use it with great ease. Fits perfectly in your pocket!
  • Faster therapy- Flyp takes only approximately 7 minutes in order to dispense 3ml of medication
  • Maximum ease of use- Flyp does not have control units or tubes attached to it. You just need to fill up the nebulizer, click and then breathe in required medication
  • Extremely quiet – Flyp is indeed a whisper quiet nebulizer. You can also charge it via USB port fast and easy

Flyp nebulizer is smaller in size than a smartphone. Simplicity best describes the new nebulizer, which comes without control units or tubes. Thanks to the fact that it can be recharged via USB port, you can save a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on batteries. Flyp gives you the peace of mind and reliability you need any moment of the day.

Featuring HYPERSONIQ technology, the nebulizer is whisper quiet. The device is equipped with an internal disc which uses ultrasonic vibrations. Your medication will pass through this vibrating disc and dispense the medication ready for inhalation. The team of highly skilled engineers spent more than 3 years on designing and testing this incredible technology. Before being approved for use, each and every FLYP nebulizer passes through 8 different quality tests.

Fill.Click.Breathe. This is how simple and efficient Flyp works. It is relatively small in size, yet equipped with extremely powerful features and technology to help you receive the needed medication.

  • Small size: 3” x 4” x 5.5”FLYP Nebulizer
  • MedTrade New Product Pavilion 2018- Providers’ Choice Gold
  • Ongoing tests for 3 years before being released on the market. 18 rigorous tests
  • No more waiting around to get your medicine. Only 7 minutes average treatment time
  • Internal disk vibrates 2000x faster than the wings of a hummingbird- Innovative HipersoniQ technology

The internal stainless steel disk has the size of a dime. This disk vibrates, pulling through your liquid medication and transforming it instantly into aerosol that you can inhale for your treatment purposes. Flyp is recommended for patients who require treatment with the help of a nebulizer, including COPD or asthma patients.

Metered dose inhalers vs. Flyp nebulizer

When using a metered-dose inhaler, only approximately 10% of the medication might reach your bronchioles. This happens because you need to depress the cartridge of the unit, and then start inhaling at the precise time. This maneuver can be complicated and discouraging, especially for first time users. By using FLYP, 89% of the albuterol and 90% of the ipratropium bromide will reach the bronchioles in your lungs. No complicated maneuvers, just click and breathe.

With a quick charge via the USB port, you can use the Flyp nebulizer even for up to 10 treatments. Flyp is equipped with a powerful Lithium-Ion battery, so you do not have to put up with disposable batteries anymore. Most of the standard nebulizers will take approximately 20 minutes in order to dispense the required 3ml of medication. With Flyp, it merely takes 7 minutes on average.

Patients will also receive a 3 year warranty offered by the manufacturer. Flyp nebulizer can also hold up to 5ml of liquid medication.

It is important to mention that Flyp should not be used with Hypertonic Saline.

Flyp Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning the nebulizer is extremely easy and fast. You just need to fill up the reservoir with distilled water, operate the device for 1 minute and then empty the reservoir. Next, you should remove the mouthpiece and rinse it under running water for a few seconds. It is important to keep in mind that you should NOT rinse the main unit.

You can also disinfect Flyp using 70% ethyl alcohol. Simply remove the mouthpiece of the nebulizer and then use the sanitary alcohol on the nebulizer disk. Allow it to sit for a few minutes and then shake off the excess alcohol. Disinfect the other side of the disk by opening the Reservoir Cover and removing the Medication reservoir. Now you can easily disinfect the other side of the nebulizer disk.

Using clunky nebulizers might be extremely difficult regarding therapy compliance. The good news is that Flyp is small, with an elegant medical white design, and it easily fits in your pocket. Treatment times are fast, and you don’t need to purchase replacements batteries all the time. These are just a few of the reasons that definitely speak in favor of opting for Flyp instead of the standard nebulizers. Flyp Nubulizer unit

What's in the FLYP Box?:

  • Handy drawstring bag
  • USB dual voltage charger
  • Informational packet
  • The Flyp Nebulizer


  • Method of Nebulization: Vibrating Mesh Technology
  • Sound Level: < 35dBA
  • Particle Size: 5 Microns or Less
  • FDA Approved: Yes
  • Power: Supply Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Intended Use: Adolescent and above
  • Product Dimensions: 1.1" D x 4.7" H x 2.1" W
  • Product Weight with Battery: 3.6 oz

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FLYP Portable Nebulizer
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Product ID PE122M
Manufacturer Convexity Scientific
FLYP Portable Nebulizer Discounts Apply !
Smaller and lighter than a smartphone, FLYP Nebulizer disappears in your pocket.
It’s whisper-quiet. Its internal disk vibrates at an ultrasonic speed creating a fine, inhalable aerosol. What that means for you is that Flyp is nimble, reducing treatment time to about 7 minutes.
The FLYP Nebulizer is warrantied for three years and is powered by a lithium Ion Battery.
FLYP Portable Nebulizer
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