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SleepStyle HC233 CPAP Machine

Fisher & Paykel HC233 CPAP

Fisher & Paykel is a highly respected brand on the market of CPAP therapy products. Patients with Sleep Apnea – Obstructive & Central Apnea, lung dysfunctions lung cancer, emphysema and other breathing difficulties trust the top technology and innovations implemented by Fisher & Paykel into their medical grade breathing products.

SleepStyle 200 series of products features a truly comprehensive range of enhanced, standard and integrated CPAP device models. For more information on the most suitable CPAP therapy device by Fisher & Paykel, please contact friendly customer service team at

SleepStyle HC 233

  • Versatile design & advanced technologies allow for maximum comfort and best oxygen therapy efficacy
  • Patients can become therapy compliant from day one of use
  • Innovative performance features bring better results in CPAP therapy for both home care patients and clinical patient care
  • Ambient Tracking Plus balances perfectly humidity levels for even more comfort during therapy and to help avoiding dry mouth/throat syndrome. Ambient Tracking helps minimizing condensation and maximizing humidity levels to compensate for the loss of humidity during potential leaks

SleepStyle HC233 follows the changing needs of the patient under care, delivering most optimum therapy. This particular CPAP unit model includes Titration Maximizer Software, Compliance Maximizer, and Manual Altitude Adjustment Control.

Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle Series 200 range comprises of the following devices: SleepStyle 231, SleepStyle 232, SleepStyle 233, SleeStyle 234, SleepStyle 236 and SleepStyle 238.

The SlepStyle 200 series features Humidified CPAP Systems which are particularly helpful for therapy in case of patients with:

  • Dry mouth syndrome
  • Patients who are noncompliant with traditional CPAP machines without a humidifier
  • Patients who find the air coming through the mask is too cool or too warm

Devices in the Series 200 range features smart RAMP technology. The ramp feature helps decreasing CPAP pressure so that you will be able to fall asleep. Then, pressure will gradually return to the prescribed levels in 20 minutes. Adjusting the ramp can be done easily, with the push of a button.

SleepStyle HC 233 CPAP machine by Fisher & Paykel is a fully integrated CPAP with Heated Humidification technology. The inbuilt heated humidifier will help delivering the most comfortable temperature oxygen, regardless of the ambient air temperature. Patients who use CPAP machines with heated humidifiers become compliant much quicker and easier with the oxygen therapy.

Ambient Tracking Plus Integrated

Ambient Tracking Plus is a technology specifically designed for patients who find condensation and rain-out issues extremely disturbing. This technology will help auto-adjusting the heater plate, according to ambient temperature. Humidity levels take into consideration not only the heater settings of the humidifier but also sudden changes in ambient temperature, mouth breathing/ leaks and mask leaks. Ambient Tracking Plus works harder than other humidifiers to:

  • Minimize rain-out incidence
  • Maximize humidification comfort

Contact SleepRestfully today for even more valuable information regarding the Fisher & Paykel Series 200 CPAP devices with integrated humidifiers. Our expert assistants will answer promptly all your questions.  

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