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FlexiFit 432 Full Face CPAP Mask

FlexiFit 432 Full Face CPAP Mask

FlexiFit technology by Fisher & Paykel is a special innovation which allows for an auto-contouring fit. Experts at the company have used an anthropomorphic database containing thousands of different facial structures and facial lines in order to create CPAP masks that fit comfortably with just one single “snap”.

FlexiFit 432 is a second generation CPAP full face mask by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare which is meant to take comfort and therapy compliance to the next level. The brand new, innovative Soft Foam Cushion combines in the most natural way with the Silicone Seal with contours in order to deliver the best mask seal.

When shopping for full face CPAP masks, it is extremely important to look for the following:

  • A lightweight mask- you do not have to feel the “weight” of your mask constantly during therapy
  • A mask that comes with the best adjusting features- auto-adjusting clips and straps such as the FlexiFit 432
  • A mask that integrates the best seal technology- mask leaks need to be avoided at all costs in order to get efficient CPAP therapy

FlexiFit 432 Performance Chart

FlexiFit Technology - a unique, auto contouring technology that will bring patients CPAP therapy compliance from day one. Thanks to this innovative technology, the FlexiFit 432 will automatically adjust to a wide variety of nasal and facial structures. This fact makes it extremely easy for physicians to fit a wider range of patients with the right CPAP or Bi-level mask. One-step fitting system, no complex adjustments.

Under Chin design - this feature brings maximum stability and an anti-leak design for the mask even when the patient moves his jaw during the night. Extra stability is always important when it comes to full face CPAP or Bi-level masks. Patients who breathe both through their nose and through the mouth require the use of such full face masks, but for optimum therapy the mask needs to be extremely stable.

Glider Strap Technology  - the unique innovation allows patients to move their head freely, while the mask maintains proper seal. The mask will not shift from its position while the user moves his/her head from side to side or tilt it up or down. The FlexiFit 432 is your best choice if you use the mask while watching TV, or reading because it does not obstruct the field of vision like other full face masks in a similar range.

Premium Quality Frosted Silicone Seal - optimized seal technology by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. The mask will slide extremely smoothly and comfortably onto the face thanks to the soft seal technology. The mask seal is further optimized by the frosted texture of the material which will not allow air to escape.

FlexiFit 432 Crown Strap - a perfect combination of under-chin mask design and a comfortable crown strap will ensure maximum stability of the full face mask. With this particular full face mask, users do not have to wear a complimentary chin strap.

Please contact SleepRestfully experts for more information available on the FlexiFit series of CPAP & Bi-level masks by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare.

FlexiFit 432 Full Face CPAP Mask
Product ID HC432
Manufacturer Fisher & Paykel
FlexiFit 432 Full Face CPAP Mask Discounts Apply !

Softer, Smaller, Smarter… The new FlexiFit 432 is our second generation Full Face Mask and takes patient comfort to the next level. It now incorporates a cleverly designed Soft Foam Cushion that combines with the contoured Silicone Seal to provide an even better seal and more comfortable fit.

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FlexiFit 432 Full Face CPAP Mask  FlexiFit 432 Full Face Mask Parts

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