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Forma Full Face CPAP Mask

 Forma Full Face CPAP Mask

Forma Full Face CPAP mask is manufactured by Fisher & Paykel, a popular brand choice for a very wide range CPAP therapy patients. The Forma CPAP mask provides optimum seal, therapy efficiency and comfort all throughout the therapy. What is even more important, the Forma allows patients for more freedom of movement of the head thanks to innovative FlexiFoam Cushion active contouring.

The mask base is fully stylized and more stability is added to it through the T-Piece. Sleep performance is more improved when a full face mask is extremely stable. Patients who breathe through their mouth as well not only through the nose will generally need to wear a full face mask. These patients cannot opt for a nasal mask, mainly because when the patient sleeps with his mouth open, the CPAP pressure that is delivered through the nose will “leak” through the mouth and therapy is not efficient.

The Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face Mask delivers:

  • Optimum mask seal
  • Improved sleep experience
  • No pressure points thanks to the innovative frame & lightweight structure
  • Under Chin design will keep the mask in place even when the patient turns from one side to the other, or tilts the head up or down

Forma FlexiFit Technology

FlexiFit technology allows for an auto-contouring of the mask, so that it will provide the best seal without causing sores and pressure points on the face or at head level. FlexiFit makes it possible that the mask adjusts to a very wide range of nasal and facial contours. One-step fitting system makes the Forma CPAP mas a highly popular choice among oxygen therapy patients.

Even greater comfort is guaranteed by the unique FlexiFoam Cushion which is light, ultra-comfortable and very supportive. The mask will contour in the most natural manner to the face to deliver the best therapy efficiency.

Special Under-Chin Design- eliminates instantly the need of wearing uncomfortable chin straps. The under chin design of the Forma Full face CPAP mask will ensure extra stability and better mask seal. The harmonious combination of the comfortable Chin Strap and the UnderChin design will ensure that Forma will never shift from its place, even in case of the most active sleepers. Mask leak frustrations represent a matter of the past with Forma by Fisher & Paykel.

The T-Piece Mask Base brings added stability and complements nicely the under-chin design, so that the mask can auto-adjust quickly and simply without complex adjustments being needed.

Forma Full Face CPAP Mask provides quiet usage thanks to the advanced Air Diffuser technology. This system prevents the air from being blown onto the bed partner, and the mask operates very quietly for undisrupted sleep, all throughout the night.

Forma CPAP mask also features frosted Silicone Seal technology for a smooth feel and an easy slide on the face. The mask seal performance is greatly enhanced by the frosted texture of the silicone seal.

Forma by Fisher & Paykel offers optimum CPAP therapy for patients who are noncompliant with traditional nasal masks, or for whom nasal masks do not represent an efficient solution.

Forma Full Face CPAP Mask
Product ID 400470
Manufacturer Fisher & Paykel
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The all-new Forma Full Face Mask form a superior seal and provides even more comfort with a greater range of movement through the active contouring of its new FlexiFoam Cushion. A new T-Piece adds stability to the stylized Mask Base, and works in harmony with the highly contoured Silicone Seal and Under-Chin Design to enhance sleep performance. With its ease of use and superior comforting seal, the Forma sets a whole new standard.

Available in Sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

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Forma Full Face CPAP Mask  Forma Full Face CPAP Mask Parts

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