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 FullLife Full Face CPAP Mask

Maximum Comfort & Convenience

Respironics FullLife CPAP Mask

FullLife Full Face Mask has been developed for patients who seek maximum comfort and convenience during CPAP therapy. Generally, full face masks are quite heavy, bulky and they obstruct the field of vision. However, FullLife full face mask eliminates as much bulk as possible, and brings to you an ultra light, non-obstructive mask for CPAP therapy.

  • Small & lightweight full face mask which is extremely durable
  • Unisex design complementing all facial structures
  • Compact & non intrusive

The clear sight line of the FullLife full face mask is guaranteed, because developers have eliminated the forehead pad. Mask movement is prohibited thanks to the dual-textured cushion and the headgear has a comfort friendly design. Fitting and removal of the mask is done in one step, without requiring ongoing adjustments.

FullLife full face mask has been designed to offer a compact and non intrusive solution for patients who require full face mask solutions but who are noncompliant with heavy and bulky masks.

A minimal mask with a wide range of comfort features.

Patients can become therapy compliant from day one using the FullLife full face mask. Researchers developed the mask with a completely minimalist concept in mind. However, this minimalism will not compromise the quality of the mask in any way.

  • Minimized bulk and weight
  • Maximum performance
  • The best possible comfort & compliance
  • No more pressure points- developers removed the forehead pad and created mask stability in other key points
  • Robust seal is ensured by the dual textured cushion surface
  • Simplified application & removal system

The FullLife full face mask is a smart choice even for the most active sleepers. You can turn from one side to the other or tilt your head up and down without worrying that the mask will shift on your face.

FullLife full face mask is a low profile, minimalist accessory which offers the best comfort during CPAP therapy. This mask is suitable for OSA patients who require Positive Airway Pressure treatment, whose weight is 66+ pounds.

The mask features innovative SST-Sure Seal Technology- implemented on a soft face cushion which will guarantee comfort and a soft feel, yet maximum seal. The mask seal is basically supported by the chin support band and the mask reduces pressure points on and around the lips and the nasal area.

The chin support band is the main supporting system of the mask, and this allows for a complete elimination of forehead pads and arms that can be found in traditional masks.

FullLife full face mask compatibility

There are no limitations regarding the type of CPAP machine that the mask can be used with. FullLife mask is 100% compatible with all the CPAP therapy devices by Respironics, including REMstar with A-Flex, C-Flex, BiPAP Pro Systems with Bi-Flex, and the REMstar Auto-CPAP systems.

The FullLife mask is extremely suitable for patients who want to watch TV comfortably, read a book or work on their computers before going to sleep. The mask offers a clear field of vision, and this makes it a top choice among oxygen patients requiring full face masks.

FullLife Full Face Mask Fit Pack
Product ID 1047916
Manufacturer Philips Respironics
FullLife Full Face Mask Fit Pack Discounts Apply !

The FullLife full-face mask was designed specifically to provide a practical option for those patients who need the performance of a full-face mask but prefer a more compact and less intrusive mask. The FullLife full-face mask was designed specifically to provide a practical option for those patients who need the performance of a full-face mask but prefer a more compact and less intrusive mask. Philips Respironics eliminated the conventional forehead pad and provided a clear sight line. To enhance comfort, they used a dual-textured cushion that aids with assembly and prevents mask movement on the face. A clever headgear design further improves mask fit while simplifying application and removal. FullLife is latex free.

Full Life Full Face CPAP Mask 

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