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iQ Nasal CPAP Mask One of the softest gel nasal mask in the world

IQ Nasal CPAP Mask by SleepNet

If you are looking for the most comfortable Sleep Apnea mask, the iQ By SleepNet is the best available solution. SleepNet iQ has been specifically developed to help patients become quickly compliant with therapy. If you find difficulties in adjusting to the use of traditional, rigid and bulky CPAP masks, this SleepNet mask will surely offer you comfort and compliance from day one of use.

  • Custom fit for each CPAP therapy patient
  • Innovative mask featuring StableFit Headgear and soft gel technology
  • Fully adjustable sealing surface to provide patients with the best fit instantly

AirGel Cushion Technology

The soft AirGel cushion molds gently to the face, providing you with optimum comfort and perfect seal to avoid mask leaks. This gentle cushioning technology will also help protecting the skin against irritations and pressure points. Go comfortably to sleep with the mask, and wake up refreshed without wrinkles or lines on your face.

CustomFit technology allows you to mold the mask to fit your facial contours. Flex the mask just as you feel most comfortable and get efficient CPAP therapy for long hours. No mask leaks. No pressure points. No feelings of tightness at the facial level.

AirGel cushion is developed according to an ergonomic design to offer patients the best protection for the skin, promote comfort and the best performance. iQ SleepNet is all about comfort and maximum CPAP therapy efficiency.

 It is a premium quality mask that helps physicians fit even their most sensitive and noncompliant patients with the right accessory for successful CPAP therapy at home. The headgear is manufactured of top quality breathable material to prevent irritations, condensation and redness at the skin level. iQ by SleepNet is an FDA approved CPAP therapy mask compatible with all CPAP therapy devices.

The mask is genuinely made in the USA, and is Latex free so that even patients with Latex sensitivity can wear it without problems. Freedom of movement and better mobility are ensured by the quick disconnect feature of the mask. The mask provides a much clearer field of vision compared to traditional masks, because the forehead strap secures the mask extremely gently at the forehead level.

The mask does not feature a forehand pad, so you will get a minimal design CPAP mask which does not make compromises on quality and efficiency.

SleepNet iQ is available in both Vented & Non-Vented versions. Thus, physicians can accommodate an even wider range of patients with the SleepNet AirGel mask. Simplicity, convenience, top efficiency and maxim comfort make the IQ SleepNet mask the number one choice for a great number of patients. This mask is particularly suitable for first time CPAP users, as they will become quickly compliant with therapy. The mask is comfortable, so the patient will get adjusted to therapy even in one day only.

  • Lightweight CPAP mask
  • Minimalist design
  • AirGel soft cushions adhere gently to the face
  • The mask can be molded gently onto the face for perfect fit
iQ Nasal Mask
Product ID 50655
Manufacturer SleepNet
iQ Nasal Mask Discounts Apply !
The iQ SoftGel Nasal Mask is one of the world's finest sleep apnea nasal masks.
Created specifically to overcome the discomfort you usually experience with lesser quality traditional masks. The finest quality iQ mask has been created to ensure a very comfortable nights sleep and to help you ensure the continuity of your therapy. A special embedded "comfort band" allows for full adjustability to your face, reducing leaks but maintaining complete comfort and making it a customized fit, made specially for you.  The iQ nasal mask covering just the nose will accommodate you if you sleep in many positions during the night.
The breathable material and secure, 5 point adjustment design of the headgear allows for ultimate comfort through the night.
One size fits all.

iQ SoftGel Nasal CPAP Mask


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