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ICON Auto CPAP Machine

Stylish on the outside. Smart on the Inside.



ICON Auto CPAP Machine

ICON Auto by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is a truly innovative CPAP therapy device. It incorporates smart technologies and it is extremely easy to use. The machine provides maximum comfort and compliance even from the first day of use.

Some of the top benefits and features of ICON Auto include
  • The water chamber is made of one piece and is dishwasher safe which makes cleaning and sanitation extremely easy
  • The default display of the machine is a Home Screen where the time is displayed
  • Highly efficient air filter- the ambient air is filtrated so that dust particles and allergens will be kept outside.
  • Intuitive SmartDial button- allows for a one-touch navigation of the Menu [Press->Turn->Press]
  • USB & SmartStick- gives patients and physicians access to important data regarding compliance and efficiency of the CPAP therapy
  • The elbow of the device rotates 360degres. Use this elbow to connect the Breathing Tube

  • ICON Auto is a CPAP device which delivers variable pressure therapy with efficacy reporting. Some of the most important integrated technologies include:
  • The ThermoSmart Technology- this is an advanced humidification algorithm and together with the heated breathing tube the technology works to offer the best humidifier system and to prevent problems such as condensation or rainout
  • SensAwake Technology- an innovative technology patented by Fisher & Paykel and integrated not only in the ICON Auto but also in the SleepStyle 200 Auto CPAP from F&P. SensAwake monitors intelligently the breathing pattern of the patient. The system is capable of distinguishing between breathing patterns while asleep and patterns while awake. Therefore, when it “senses” a certain transition from asleep to being awake, the system immediately reduces the CPAP pressure that is delivered to the patient.
  • InfoTechnologies- offers patients and physicians plenty flexible options for data communication

  • The ICON Auto has a very stylish, modern and compact design so that it will blend nicely into your bedroom environment. Today’s top continuous positive airway pressure devices do not have that traditional medical design or look, and Fisher & Paykel knows that patients consider the overall design of a device extremely important.

    With a unique pressure relief technology, ICON Auto can be easily distinguished from all other devices available on the market today. SensAwake detects intelligently wakefulness, then promptly relieves CPAP pressure and thus eases the return to sleep.

    ICON Auto by Fisher and Paykel is designed to promote better, more comfortable sleep. ThermoSmart is one of the most sophisticated humidification technologies integrated in ICON Auto. The temperature and humidity delivered with the help of ThermoSmart actually is very similar to the level of temperature and humidity found in the upper airways and the nose. ICON Auto helps maintaining the most natural balance when it comes to humidity levels, comfort, and air temperature so that patients can get the most efficient, uninterrupted CPAP therapy at home.

    Included with ICON Auto:
  • CPAP Machine
  • Carry Bag
  • Water Chamber
  • Chamber Lid
  • Breathing Tube
  • InfoUSB 2
  • Info USB Mailer
  • User Instructions
  • Spare Filter

ThermoSmart Heated Hose is available as an accessory.

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Deminsions 6.3" X 6.7" X 8.7"
Weight 4.8 lbs
Power Brick Not Required
Universal Power Supply 100V - 240V, 50 - 60 Hz
Noise Level <30 dBA
ThermoSmart Heated Breathing Tube Yes
Auto Adjusting Pressure Yes
Efficacy Reporting Yes
Compliance Reporting Yes
SensAwake Pressure Relief Technology Yes
Clock & MP3 Player Yes
SmartStick Removable Media Yes
Pressure Range 4cm to 20cm H2O
Ramp Time 20 Min
Ramp Start Pressure 4cm H2O
Altitude Adjustment Automatic
Automatic Leak Compensation Yes
Auto On/Off No
Warranty 2 Years
Product ID IconAuto
Manufacturer Fisher & Paykel
ICON Auto CPAP Discounts Apply !

The Fisher & Pykel ICON+ Auto CPAP is now available with added simplicity. The F&P ICON+ series feature a simplified user experience including Simple Mode for patients, a stylish new color and smart clinical technologies. The new patient mode offers easy access to the three most commonly used settings (on/off, ramp, humidity). These enhancements minimize your patient set-up and product instruction time, thus promoting a positive experience for you and your patients. 


Icon Auto CPAP Machine

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