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PR System One REMstar PRO CPAP

Philips Respironics  System One REMstar Pro


Philips Respironics strives on bringing onto the market more compliant and more efficient CPAP therapy devices each time they release something new. The System One REMstar PRO features AutoIQ which is an extremely intelligent auto tracking algorithm that ensures the therapy delivered to the patient is custom tailored to the smallest detail. Clinicians can easily use the AutoTrial of the AutoIQ management platform to track and deliver the most personalized CPAP therapy to patients.

System One REMstar PRO is an out of the box solution for both patients and clinicians. The AutoIQ is able to provide a breath-by-breath therapy, for the duration of one entire day or up to 30 days consecutively. Thus, AutoIQ “learns” the breathing patterns of the patient and the therapeutic needs of the patient. During this trial phase, the algorithm will identify the ideal CPAP pressure that should be delivered to that patient for maximum  therapy efficiency. After the trial phase is over, AutoIQ will start delivering a CPAP pressure based on the patient breathing patterns 90% of the time during the trial phase. Or, the device can deliver fixed CPAP pressure if this has been set by the clinician.

The total available days in AutoTrial is 30 days. Clinicians can use up as many days as required for AutoIQ to record patient behavior and therapy needs. If the clinician will use up 7 days, there will be still 27 days remaining which can be used when there are certain changes in the therapeutic needs of the patient and therapy needs to be readjusted (such as in the case the patient has gained too much weight or lost weight, he is struggling with allergic conditions, blood pressure changes, etc.). Then, pressures need to be adapted to the present health conditions, and AutoTrial can be used again.

AutoIQ is an extremely intelligent patient management platform, which evaluates the patient events every 30 hours. Whenever it detects a change in therapeutic needs, it will automatically change the pressure.

System One REMstar PRO is indeed a device which brings comfort and flexibility in usage and in therapy. It makes the job of the clinician much easier, while minimizing patient callbacks and patients can finally have the peace of mind they need that therapy is tailored to suit their exact needs.

Main product specifications

  • System One REMstar PRO pressure range: 4 to 20cm H2O
  • Mode Specific Flex pressure relief
  • Ramp Time: 0 to 45 minutes, in 5 min. increments
  • Dimensions: 7” L X 5.5” W X 4”H / 18cm L X 14cm W x 10cm H
  • Weight: 3lbs. / 1.36kgs. without the humidifier system
  • Foam Filter included (ultra fine filter optional)
  • Device set-up: LCD screen/ control wheel/ push button
  • Data Storage options: Display: Compliance 7 VIC – and 30-day averages/ SD Card >1 year/ on board memory up to 6 month data
  • Breathing Detection compliance meter
  • Automatic & Manual altitude compensation
  • Integrates with REMstar System One humidifier & REMstar pass-over humidifier
  • Two years warranty (replace with new)
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