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Rainout Guard Patients using CPAP systems with a humidifier will almost always encounter condensation problems, known as “rainout”. Condensation generally forms on the walls of the CPAP hose because the air that is outside the hose is much cooler than the air circulating within the hose. As a result, condensation appears which can be quite uncomfortable to the patient. This is why, every CPAP device that features a heated humidifier should have Rainout Guard.

Rainout Guard

Rainout Guard is an extremely useful and practical addition to any CPAP device with a heated humidifier. Besides, it can be procured at an affordable price and thus all rainout issues become a matter of the past. The Rainout Guard guarantee:

  • Improved sleep
  • Better breathing
  • Better life

Rainout Guard can be fitted to any CPAP device, and it will reduce effectively the amount of condensation building up within the tubing system and the mask.

Rainout Guard for CPAP Machines

  • Reduced moisture buildup
  • The humidified air is driven into the Rainout Guard system main chamber and then it is dispersed evenly with the help of the Graduated Platform Wicking Technology
  • With a traditional tubing system which does not have the Rainout Guard, the moisture is collected during the night, and ultimately the patient will wake up because he needs to drain the mask and eliminate the condensation. With Rainout Guard you can now enjoy an uninterrupted, comfortable sleep cycle.
  • No more water buildup problems within the mask with Rainout Guard

Rainout Guard equals comfortable humidification without condensation. The device features a tube which is 12” long and this will help making the connection of the device to the humidifier or the CPAP mask. Experts recommend replacing the Rainout Guard every 3 months to ensure best results.

How to clean Rainout Guard?

  • On a daily basis, make sure to empty the condensation by shaking gently the device over the sink
  • On a weekly basis, wash the Rainout Guard device using lukewarm water and a detergent free, mild liquid soap mixture. Allow to dry away from direct sunshine
  • Disinfection of Rainout Guard: use a mixture of white vinegar and water (2 to 3 parts) and allow the device to soak. Make sure to rinse thoroughly after the soak. Allow to air dry.

Please contact friendly customer service team at SleepRestfully for even more details about the available oxygen therapy devices and accessories that help making therapy more compliant and comfortable.

Rainout Guard for CPAP Machines
Product ID Rainout
Manufacturer American Medical Innovations, Inc.
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The Rainout Guard is the newest and most effective way to reduce the amount of condensation that builds up in your CPAP/BiPAP tubing and mask.  It works with all machines, mask and tubing on the market today. Increase your time spent in deep sleep by elimination rainout with this easy to use device. Get started today!

Rainout Guard comes with a 12" tube that connects the device to your humidifier or mask. The 12" tube can be placed on either side of the rainout guard. Connect your tube to the opposite end of the Rainout Guard. Replace Rainout Guard every 3 months for better health.

Rainout Guard

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