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Remstar Auto with A-Flex

Respironics RemstarAuto

Philips Respironics brings an innovative technology Auto CPAP device for CPAP therapy patients who want to experience comfort and compliance every single minute of their required therapy. The RemStar Auto with A-Flex incorporates intelligent technological features:

An automatic CPAP machine which can revert back to fixed CPAP anytime you want

Self adjusting module integrated which raises/lowers the oxygen pressure delivered just as needed

Fixed CPAP non-tolerant or noncompliant patients enjoy the greatest benefits while using the RemStar Auto with A-Flex

Innovative A-Flex technology

Patients on fixed CPAP therapy often complain about having difficulties in exhaling against a high pressure coming through the mask. A-Flex is a patented technology which adapts to the personal breathing rate of each patient. A-Flex helps delivering the right pressure upon exhale- a gentle pressure which is extremely comfortable for the patient to breathe in. A-Flex tracks each breath of the patient, and delivers pressure relief upon exhalation for a more comfortable and compliant therapy. With RemStar Auto with A-Flex breathing becomes more natural!

RemStar Auto with A-Flex is an incredibly Auto CPAP/ fixed CPAP device that integrates the following helpful features:

  • wide pressure range control 4 to 20cmH2O
  • adjustable Ramp Time from 0 to 45 minutes in 5 min. increments. When you are trying to fall asleep, use the ramp feature so that the device delivers a gentle pressure. Gradually, ramp will increase pressure to reach prescribed pressure.
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment
  • Wired/ Wireless modem optioSD card integrated for better patient data management and therapy tracking
  • Air humidity controls
  • Universal power cord

What’s in the Box? When you order RemStar Auto with A-Flex through you will receive the following items within packaging:

  • RemStar Auto with A-Flex main unit
  • A stylish carrying case
  • Performance flexible tubing system
  • Gray foam filter (reusable)
  • Side cover panel
  • Instructions manual

Smart System One Resistance Control

This is a unique technology which allows users to use any CPAP mask of their choice, while the machine delivers the same quality CPAP therapy. Your CPAP mask and the device will work in harmony together delivering optimum therapy parameters. When you switch masks on the same device, there are certain variables and changes in algorithms happening. The System One Resistance Control technology is able to make up for all these changes and deliver the same, constant performance regardless of the type of mask you use.

Heated Humidifier benefits:

  • System One Heated Humidifier delivers patients a constant humidity level regardless of the changes in ambient temperature
  • The system adjusts to any type of change in temperature, delivering comfortable temperature air for you to breathe in
  • No more rainout/condensation problems within the tubing
  • Get the most comfortable temperatures by adjusting the humidity levels easily and quickly
  • DryBox technology- another smart integrated solution which completely seals the water source from the internal components of the device

RemStar Auto CPAP is the most intelligent choice for fully personalized, comfortable and compliant CPAP therapy at home.

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