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Remstar Pro M Series CPAP Machine with C-Flex

Respironics Remsta rPro

RemStar Pro M Series with C-Flex from Philips Respironics is one of the most versatile and intelligent CPAP therapy devices offered on the market. The Encore Pro SmartCard offers the best compliance reporting for the following events:

  • Apnea/ Hypopnea index details
  • Snoring
  • Elevated leak levels
  • The device features an integrated humidification system (optional feature) to provide patients with maximum comfort and compliance throughout therapy. Regardless of whether you opt for the humidification system or not, the RemStar Pro M series CPAP is ultra portable, so you can easily take it with you on longer trips.

C-Flex Pressure Relief Technology

The C-Flex pressure relief technology makes oxygen therapy extremely comfortable to patients, by reducing the CPAP pressure at the beginning of the exhale process and then slowly returning to prescribed pressure to deliver required levels. The device will return to the prescription pressure right before the inhalation process. Patients can choose between three different C-Flex settings available, and the level of the pressure relief will vary based on that setting.

RemStar Pro M Series best features & benefits

  • Clinically proven better patient comfort thanks to C-Flex pressure relief technology
  • Auto-Track sensitivity which tracks each breath of the patient in order to trigger the C-Flex system
  • Ultra sleek and compact design which makes it perfectly portable
  • Tubing at the back of the unit
  • Easy patient controls- tactile buttons for quick on/off, C-Flex settings change and ramp time settings. The primary settings/functions on the device are backlit so that patients can access them easily during the night
  • Can be integrated with a heated humidification system/ the pass-over humidification system Patient data compliance reporting for apnea & hypopnea index, snoring or elevated leak levels- Encore ProSmart Card
  • Ramp Time- 0 to 45 minutes in 5 min. increments. Use the ramp setting when you are trying to fall asleep and thus get a gentle pressure. The device will then gradually return to prescribed pressure levels
  • Lightweight device- under 2lbs. / bottom pads which are slide resistant to ensure the device will not shift in position while you sleep
  • Automatic attitude compensation
  • Pressure range data: 4 to 20cmH2O / extremely quiet functioning unit
  • Plenty of travel accessories that you can choose from at
  • The pollen filters are easily washable / optional ultra fine filters available
  • Manufacturer offers 2 years limited warranty
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