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Resmed Mobi Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Mobi Portable Oxygen Concentrator

ResMed Mobi is the newest and most innovative portable oxygen concentrator available on the market. The device is designed to help users get more freedom of movement and peace of mind wherever they go. The unit comes with an overall lightweight design, and a very long battery life for carefree therapeutic sessions. When purchasing the ResMed Mobi POC, this is what is included within packaging:Resmed Mobi Portable Oxygen Concentrator

  • ResMed Mobi Portable Oxygen Concentrator main unit- the concentrator adjusts automatically to your breathing rate and follows your natural breathing pattern, while delivering personalized therapy at all times. The machine can adjust between rest and active modes, depending on your levels of activity at the moment of the therapy session. Equipped with innovative PulseWave technology, the concentrator can deliver the chosen dose of oxygen with each breath you take.

For quick and simple setting changes and one-touch startup, use the intelligent Mobi interface. The display is extremely easy to read, showing details such as battery life or the indication of the times when each dose of oxygen is delivered.

For quick and simple setting changes and one-touch startup, use the intelligent Mobi interface. The display is extremely easy to read, showing details such as battery life or the indication of the times when each dose of oxygen is delivered.

  • ResMed Mobi stylish carry bag- with its sophisticated yet highly casual design, the Mobi carry bag will help you transport your POC with great ease wherever you go.
  • The AC/DC charger- charge your Mobi POC easily from the power mains
  • DC/DC Charger- charge your POC from DC power sources

ResMed Mobi Portable Oxygen Concentrator Intuitive control panelMobi Portable concentrator

The device has an extremely user friendly and intelligent control panel. You can easily track the details of your therapeutic session and make the necessary changes accordingly. When the device is on, there will be a green LED indicating the power level. The Alarm Indicator will display a yellow LED and sound an audible signal whenever it senses a change in the operational status. The device also has a Mute button which you can use to disable the alarm signals during operation.

Display screen:

  • Message Field- will display the alarm with the highest priority
  • External Power symbol- will display when the device is connected to an external power supply
  • Pulse Wave symbol- will display when a breath is detected and the unit delivers a bolus of oxygen
    Auto-Dose symbol- will display when an automatic bolus of oxygen is delivered
  • User Mode display- showing the inhalation sensitivity modes: Rest or Active. It is important to note this setting will change automatically, adjusting based on your level of activity

ResMed Mobi is an incredibly compact and lightweight POC, equipped with latest technology advancements in the medical engineering field. Since regular physical activity is of primordial importance for patients with COPD and breathing disorders, ResMed Mobi helps patients staying active with great ease and convenience. Users don’t have to carry extremely heavy equipment while taking a walk in the park or while traveling. With Mobi by ResMed staying active and following a healthy lifestyle is now easier than ever:

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • PulseWave Technology- follows your natural breathing pattern

The most efficient choice for patients

Mobi by ResMed offers the best portability for patients, especially for those who are highly active. Traveling and performing physical exercise is now easier than ever with Mobi. The POC helps improving therapy compliance, and definitely encourages an active lifestyle.

For better patient healthmOBI

Thanks to its lightweight overall design, and extremely long lasting battery, patients can now enjoy more freedom of movement. Mobi helps patients avoid a sedentary life, and helps housebound patients follow a more active lifestyle.

ResMed – the brand you can definitely trust

Mobi is part of the larger line of award-wining respiratory units offered by ResMed. The POC s backed up by one of the largest names in the field. With Mobi patients get a 5-year warranty and access to a powerful customer support service.

ResMed MOBI Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Product ID 35001
Manufacturer ResMed
ResMed MOBI Portable Oxygen Concentrator Discounts Apply !
From daily errands to long-distance travel, ResMed Mobi™ portable oxygen concentrator is designed to go where you go. It features a lightweight design, has a long battery life and delivers the oxygen you need. 
ResMed Mobi™ portable oxygen concentrator: ResMed Mobi™ portable oxygen concentrator senses your breathing and automatically adjusts between active and rest modes, depending on your level of activity. 
The Mobi™ interface is simple-to-use and allows for one-touch startup and simple setting changes. The easy-to-read Mobi™ display shows battery life and indicates when each dose of oxygen is delivered.
The MOBI comes standard with a 5 warranty on the unit and one year on the sieve beds, battery and accessories.
Effective November 20, 2020 ResMed has discontinued the Mobi Portable Oxygen Concentrator.


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