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ResMed S9 Quietness

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One of the main complaints of patients on therapy with traditional CPAP devices is the noise. Patients cannot fall asleep comfortably because of the noisy device, or they are waking up in the middle of the night because of a loud machine. The ResMed S9 Series of CPAP therapy devices feature the intelligent EasyBreathe motor and important technological advancements integrated which reduce the noise levels considerably. Quietness taken to the next level

The S9 series by ResMed include the enhanced EasyBreathe motor. The sound levels in the ambient do not exceed 24dbA, and the ResMed S9 series devices are not louder than normal breathing. Both patients and their bed partners can now enjoy a restful night of sleep thanks to innovative EasyBreathe technology integrated.

The manufacturer has included many noise isolating materials when designing the ResMed S9 Series of devices. This results in quick therapy compliance and ultra quiet CPAP therapy. The Easy Breathe motor does not cause high turbulence levels, thanks to the axial air flow technology.

The noise that is directed from the machine and into the tubing (the conducted noise levels) is reduced by up to 78%. Natural breathing sound and a comfortable sleep all throughout the night are guaranteed by the innovative S9 Series engineering and technology.

Easy Breathe & Central Sleep Apnea Detection

The S9 Series by ResMed are capable of distinguishing between Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Central Sleep Apnea episodes. The device delivers optimum therapy at the lowest pressures. In order to detect central apnea episodes, the EasyBreathe motor will track the breathing cycle on a breath by breath basis and it will add small oscillations to the current pressure setting. When CSA is detected, the device will deliver CPAP therapy at the correct parameters.

The ResMed S9 Series of sleep therapy devices emit whisper quiet noise, similar to the soothing white noise or natural breathing sounds. Patients can now sleep comfortably and get efficient therapy at the lowest CPAP pressures.

S9 Series AutoSet

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