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ResMed S9 SlimLine Tube

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ResMed has always strived to bring onto the market CPAP therapy devices and accessories that are not only the most efficient, but also the most comfortable to use. The company focuses on offering patients the joy of hassle free sleep therapy. Their patented SlimLine and ClimateLine air tubes are actually the lightest, most flexible and most easy to use tubes that you can find on the market.

For the past 2 decades approximately, CPAP tubing has been the same- bulky, heavy, and not really comfortable to use. The S9 Series by ResMed features SlimLine tubing which is incredibly easy to use, and even the most active sleepers can forget about the tube drag. SlimLine is a travel friendly tubing system which can be easily and quickly packed without taking too much space in your luggage.

The SlimLine tubing system is exclusive to ResMed’s S9 Series of CPAP therapy devices.

  • SlimLine is up to 40% lighter than traditional tubing systems

  • 20% thinner than classic oxygen therapy tubes

  • Takes up 35% less space which makes it extremely travel friendly

With SlimLine tubing system by ResMed you never have to be worried again that you will feel like you are anchored to your bed by heavy and bulky tubing. Even the most active sleepers can enjoy a comfortable night of sleep with SlimLine, without feeling too much weight when turning from one side to the other. SlimLine tubing system allows patients to enjoy more freedom of mobility.

One of the biggest issues when using traditional heavy tubing systems is that when you turn from one side to the other the weight makes the mask to shift from its place. This automatically translates into mask leaks which make therapy inefficient. SlimLine tubing will not make the mask shift from its place, as it is much lighter than traditional systems.

SlimLine tubing system allows you to enjoy the same comfortable tube length, without worrying about the bulk and the weight. For the best sleeping comfort, patients with OSA should definitely try the new S9 Series of CPAP therapy devices featuring SlimLine tubing technology.

S9 Series AutoSet

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