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S9 AutoSet™CPAP Machine

ResMed S9 AutoSet CPAP Machine

ResMed continues surprising both patients and clinicians by offering some of the most intelligent and efficient CPAP therapy devices. The S9 AutoSet has a beautiful design with sleek contours and an overall ultra light construction. With S9 AutoSet patients can become instantly compliant with CPAP therapy even at the highest prescribed pressures.

  • EasyBreathe motor for whisper quiet operation- only 34dbA
  • AutoSet Technology- EPR-Expiratory Pressure Relief technology ensures to deliver a much lower, gentle CPAP pressure at the exhalation phase, and then returning back to prescribed pressure levels by the time the inspiration phase begins. AutoSet technology tracks the breathing cycle of the patient on a breath by breath basis, ensuring to offer the lowest and most efficient pressure for the patient to enjoy comfortable therapy
  • S9 AutoSet integrates with H5i Heated Humidifier system- the device will deliver optimum levels of temperature and humidity, regardless of changes in the ambient parameters
  • ClimatLine Heated Tubing ensures the air temperature and humidity is always constant

Resmed S9 AutoSet

S9 AutoSet best features:

  • Patients can choose between using the APAP or fixed CPAP mode/ with or without Expiratory Pressure Relief technology
  • Optimum therapy CPAP pressure is ensured by the AutoSet algorithm which auto-adjusts to deliver most efficient therapy, according to the changing needs of the patient
  • Ideal humidification levels maintained by ClimateControl. Patients will always receive constant humidification and temperature levels, regardless of the changes in ambient humidity/temperature
  • Color LCD & user friendly controls for the easiest menu navigation
  • Ultra lightweight and ultra slim ClimateLine & SlimLine tubing system. The ClimateLine system is equipped with a temperature sensor at the end of the tube, and you can actually set the optimum temperature and humidity levels that you want. The ClimateLine heated tubing system offers perfect protection against rainout, and ensures better sleeping comfort.

Intelligent Mask-Fit

S9 AutoSet CPAP system by ResMed features an intelligent mask-fit setting. Patients can select between three settings- nasal CPAP mask, Nasal Pillows mask & full face mask. Choose the setting that suits your mask style and then S9 AutoSet will run a quick diagnostic to ensure the oxygen therapy delivered is indeed efficient and that there are no mask leaks. In case you further need to adjust the mask for maximum efficient therapy, S9 AutoSet will send an alarm signal so that you can perform the necessary adjustments before starting CPAP therapy.

S9 AutoSet main specifications:

  • Modes of operations: CPAP & EPR / AutoSet & EPR
  • 24dbA Whisper Quiet operation
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment
  • EPR with EasyBreathe waveform
  • Ramp Time- 45 minutes/ in 5 min. increments
  • Patient reminders
  • Automatic leakage compensation
  • Mask-Fit feature integrated
  • Sleep Quality Indicator
  • H5i Humidification system (optional)
  • Climate Control + ClimateLine tubing system
  • Compliance data on device / 365 nights / Efficacy data on card 30 nights/ SD Card high resolution flow data – 7 nights
  • Clinical Efficacy Data: Pressure, AHI, Leak, AI/HI/CAI
  • Data transfer: Wireless module / Oximetry / Wired Module

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S9 AutoSet CPAP Machine
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