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S9 Escape™CPAP Machine

 Resmed S9 Escape CPAP Machine

The S9 Series of CPAP therapy devices by ResMed feature truly unique and intelligent technologies incorporated meant to help with overall patient comfort and compliance throughout therapy. The S9 Escape CPAP system incorporates EasyBreathe technology with EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief) which work together to help patients enjoy a natural breathing throughout their therapy.

  • Extremely intuitive design- sleek, with stylish contours the S9 Escape will blend in nicely with any environment and it is extremely portable too
  • Climate Control Heated Humidifier (optional)- to get the most comfortable humidity and temperature air right at the mask
  • ClimateLine tubing / SlimLine tubing (optional)
  • EPR + EasyBreathe technology
  • Low sound levels- only 24dbA- the S9 Elite CPAP creates noise that is not louder than natural breathing Automatic Altitude Adjustment

The intelligent EPR- Expiratory Pressure Relief technology adjusts pressure for the best comfort during therapy. The technology tracks on a breath by breath basis and ensures to lower pressure right upon exhalation to help patients breathe in the most natural manner. The ClimateControl helps maintaining constant humidification, regardless of the changes in ambient temperature or humidity parameters. Both SlimLine and ClimateLine tubes are ultra lightweight and slim, virtually eliminating tube drag issues.

At the beginning of each breath, the EPR will reduce the pressure and will maintain that level throughout the exhalation phase. This way, patients can exhale comfortably against a gentle pressure but the device will return back to the prescribed level pressures by the time inhalation starts. Maximum efficiency and the best comfort are guaranteed by the unique EPR technology incorporated in the new S9 Escape CPAP device.

S9 Escape is an entry level CPAP device that helps patients become quickly compliant with therapy. It is a device highly recommended for first time CPAP therapy users, as it is easy to use, and the device has an extremely intuitive menu.

S9 Escape has received rave reviews from both patients and clinicians. Please contact SleepRestfully customer service for more information available on the S9 Escape CPAP with EPR and the available accessories. Remember that in order to purchase any CPAP therapy device or accessory through you need to present a valid medical prescription which you can fax or email to us.

S9 Escape CPAP main specifications:

  • Modes of operation: CPAP with EPR
  • Whisper quiet operation at only 24dbA
  • Ramp Time- 0 to 45 minutes / in 5 min. increments
  • Recurring patient reminders
  • International AC Input – 110-240V / 12V DC input via converter
  • Automatic leakage compensation
  • Mask Fit feature
  • Tubing: Standard Tube/ SlimLine Tube/ ClimateLine tubing
  • Compliance data on card: 365 nights
  • Sleep Report: 365 sessions on screen
  • High Resolution flow data via SD Card
  • Data transfer: Wireless / Wired module

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S9 Escape CPAP Machine
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