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PR System One - One Intelligent Package

Philips Respironics System One

The Intelligent Solution for Comfortable Sleep Therapy

PR System One is an intelligent sleep therapy device recommended in the case of mild to severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea patients. The Philips Respironics Sleep Therapy System is capable to recognize and respond instantly whenever the patient experiences episodes and symptoms beyond the typical OSA symptoms.

Thanks to integrated advanced algorithm, the PR System One can differentiate between obstructed and clear airway apnea episodes such the Cheyne –Stokes respiration disorder. Both clinicians and patients can easily track therapy data thanks to the data transfer options such as SD Card, wireless and wired modem connection. The on-board memory storage is capable of storing therapy data of up to 6 months of usage, and up to 5 days of patient flow waveforms.

Philips Respironics System One

PR System One allows patients to set up and use the device extremely easily. The device features lighted LEDs, LCD dial and a push button interface for ease of operation. The main dimensions of the PR System one are: 7” L X 5.5”W X 4”H / 10cm x 14cm x 10cm.

Advanced Episode Detection

The Philips Respironics new sleep therapy system features an intelligent algorithm capable of assessing all the important sleep parameters. In order to deliver ideal therapy parameters, the device displays events such as leaks, AHI, RERAs or flow limitation. PR System One delivers custom tailored therapy, adapting to the changing needs of the patient by being able to differentiate between a clear airway apnea and periodic breathing episodes.

Pressure Relief for every breath

Respironic’s Flex Technology is an extremely intelligent pressure relief module which helps recognizing the edge of inspiration and exhalation during therapy. The device will then deliver a softer, gentle pressure upon exhalation so that you can exhale comfortably without sensing any discomfort of exhaling against a high pressure coming from the device. By the beginning of the inhalation phase, the device will return to prescribed pressure levels for maximum CPAP therapy efficiency.

Dry Box Technology & System One Humidity Control

The advanced humidity control technology of PR System One is capable of delivering constant levels of humidity and temperature right to the mask, regardless of changes in the ambient air. The innovative Dry Box technology ensures that the water in the humidifier chamber is fully isolated from coming in contact with any of the internal components of the device.

PR System One Resistance Control

The CPAP mask and CPAP therapy device will work together in perfect harmony thanks to System One Resistance control technology incorporated. Regardless of the type of CPAP mask you will use with the device, you will always receive the same, comfortable CPAP therapy parameters. Resistance Control ensures synchronous pressure delivery regardless of the type of mask you will use.

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