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SimplyGo Mini Portable oxygen concentrator

SimplyGo Mini

  • SimplyGo Mini
  • SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • Philip Respironics SimplyGo
  • Pulse Dose Portable Concentrator
  • SimplyGo Mini Travle Concentrator
  • Portable Oxygen for Travel
  • Portable Oxygen without tanks
  • SimplyGo Mini Backpack

SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator by Philips Respironics

-Reliability that's simply portable-

Philip Respironics is proud to present the only portable oxygen concentrator weighing 5 pounds which is delivers Pulse Dose oxygen therapy at 5 different settings.  The SimplyGo Mini caters to the clinical and  ambulatory lifestyle oxygen needs of the widest range of patients.

  • SimplyGo Mini is the smallest and lightest Portable Oxygen Concentrator Philips Respironics has ever developed

The SimplyGo Mini has been build to withstand the roughest treatment and continue to operate at maximum efficiency and reliability.

  • Impact resistance design
  • Rigorous testing regiment to simulate real world conditions such as vibration and impacts to ensure top performance under any situation

The SimplyGo Mini is available with your choice of a standard battery which will run the portable oxygen concentrator at up to 4.5 hours at a setting of 3 or with an extended battery which provides up to 9 hours of battery poer at a setting of 2. 

The SimplyGo Mini is a Pulse Dose portable oxygen concnetrator which mean that whenever the device detects the patient is about to inhale, a pulse volume of oxygen is delivered.  Pulse Dose is the most comfortable and economical way of receiving oxygen therapy while on the go.

SimplyGo Mini comes complete with everything you need:SimplyGo Mini Package content

A SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Your choice of a standard or extended life lithium ion battery

Stylish carrying case

Accessory Bag

AC power supply

DC power supply

Standard 3 year warranty

In order to make your life on the go more convenient the SimplyGo Mini offers many optional accessories including a comfortable backpack, external battery charger and an airline cable.

All this makes the Philips Respironics SimplyGo Mini the right fit for your active lifestyle.

The SImplyGo Mini is FAA Approved.

SimplyGo Mini Specifications:

  • Oxygen Concentration: At least 87% at all settings (maximum of 96%)
  • Outlet Pressure: 20 PSIG
  • Flow Settings and Pulse Volumes: 1 - 11 ml; 2 - 22 ml; 3 - 33 ml; 4 - 44 ml; 5 - 50 ml
  • Sound Level: 43 dBA typical at setting 2 and 30 BPM; 46bDA typical at setting 5 and 20 BPM
  • Size: 9.4 in x 8.3 in x 3.6 in with standard battery; 10.2 in x 8.3 in x 3.6 in with extended battery
  • Weight: 5 lib with standard battery; 6 lbs with extended battery
  • Operating Temperature: 41 to 95 F
  • Altitude: Up to 10,000 Feet (3,049 m)
  • AC Power Input: 100 TO 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • AC Power Ourput: 19 vdc 6.3 A max
  • DC Power Input: 12 - 16 VDC
  • DC Power Output: 19+/-5% VDC, 6.3 A
  • Alarm Types: No breath, low oxygen, high breath rate, technical fault, low battery, no flow, depleted battery,external power failure
  • Lithium Ion Battery: Standard battery: 1.1 lbs. Charge time: 4 hours maximum; Extended battery 2.1 lbs. Charge time: 8 hours maximum
  • Typical Battery Duration: Standard Battery: Up to 4.5 hours on a pulse setting of 2, 20 BPM; Extended Battery: Up to 9 hours on a pulse setting of 2, 20 BPM
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