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SnuggleHose Tubing Cover

Snuggle Hose Tube Cover

What is a SnuggleHose?

SnuggleHose is an incredibly soft, cozy and warm cover for CPAP hoses and ventilator devices. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure hoses are typically cold and hard and this is quite an inconvenience giving patients need to get comfortable therapy for the entire night using their CPAP. Now you can transform a cold hosing into a cozy, warm and ultra comfortable one using the SnuggleHose special covers.

There is a huge variety of SnuggleHose covers you can choose from such as Zippered SnuggleHoses, Printed SnuggleHoses, or Specialty Print SnuggleHoses. Get maximum comfort and convenience all throughout the night with the SnuggleHose covers.

  • Now available with Velcro fasteners in order to make the cover stay in place
  • SnuggleHose coves are made of hypoallergenic materials
  • These specialty covers help decreasing the condensation created by the humidifier systems
  • No more cold and hard hosing system touching the skin and make you awaken promptly in the middle of the night. SnuggleHose covers are made of soft, velvety feel materials for the best comfort

SnuggleHose covers are now available in a great variety of colors so that you can match the hose to the decor in your room. Some colors you can choose from include Navy Blue, Light Gray, Sand, Royal Blue, Soft Black, Medium Blue or Charcoal.

Beautiful Printed SnuggleHoses include Nordic Aninmals Print, RedPaws print, Tiger Stripe, Leopard, WhitePaws, Cat&Mouse or Clouds Print SnuggleHoses. The specialty print covers are particularly child friendly and they will brighten up the room in an instant. These SnuggleHose covers help making the CPAP machines less scary for the children.

SnuggleHose covers are specifically designed to fit 6” hoses, but they are also available in 8 and 10 foot lengths for even more convenience and comfort.

Please select a SnuggleHose color and size of your choice through and make your bedroom brighter, by taking away that medical feel.

SnuggleHose Tube Cover
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SnuggleHose Tube Cover Discounts Apply !

SnuggleHoses are warm, soft, cozy covers for CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines for patients with sleep apnea) hoses and ventilator machines.

  • Now featuring new and improved velcro fasteners! They stay in place better and are easier to use!
  • They are hypo-allergenic
  • They decrease condensation from humidifiers
  • They decrease nighttime awakenings due to a cold hard hose touching your skin
  • They come in a variety of colors to match your personality or room decor
  • They make the machine "fit the room" and look less medical and scary for children
  • Designed to fit  6' or 8' hoses
  • Decreases the distilled water bill and makes even heated hoses seem more "Snuggly"


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