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Freedom 50W Solar Panel

Freedom Battery Solar Panel

The Freedom 50W Solar Panel allows you to safely and efficiently charge the Freedom™ CPAP Battery usingFreedom Battery Solar Panel the power of the sun!

The lightweight folding design is ultra portable making it the perfect solution for those who are going off the grid and will not have access to AC power or a vehicle to charge their battery.

The 23.5% efficiency rating (the ratio of energy output from the solar cell to input energy from the sun) makes it one of the highest performing portable solar panels on the market today.

The Freedom 50W Solar Panel features a quick charge 3.0 USB port as well as an output cable with set of universal connector tips so you can also charge other external batteries and your favorite portable electronics like cell phones and tablets!

Freedom CPAP Battery Charge Time: BPS Solar Panels

Charge times will vary depending upon the amount of direct sunlight that hits the solar cells.

Optimal charging conditions include: direct sunlight with the panels angled toward the sun, no clouds, no hanging branches or obstructions to sunlight, no shade covering any of the panels, and no dirt or debris on the solar cells.

In optimal charging conditions the Freedom™ CPAP Battery can be charged by the Freedom 50W Solar Panel in approximately 4 hours when the battery is fully discharged.

Charge times are per battery; therefore, it will take approximately 8 hours to charge two Freedom™ CPAP batteries simultaneously when the batteries are fully discharged.

Beyond charging your Freedom™ CPAP Battery you can also charge other external batteries and portable electronic devices that operate from 13.2V or less by using the quick charge 3.0 USB port or output cable with connector tip.

Made from Sunpower solar cells with low profile panels with anti-reflective coating that produce more energy from any angle..

Folds to 11.5" x 6.75" x 2.5" and weighs only 2.9 lbs. making it ultra portable.Freedom Battery Solar Panel

What"s in the Solar Panel Box:

  • Freedom 50W Solar Panel
  • Output Cable
  • Universal Connector Tips (set of 10)
  • Instruction Manual
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