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Ultra Mirage™  Full Face CPAP Mask

Resmed Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask

No more loss of air. No more loss of therapy.

According to estimations, about 40% of bi-level therapy users will actually lose important therapy pressure through the mouth. These patients lose pressure either through mask leaks, or because they breathe mainly through the mouth and then therapy is not efficient anymore. Therapy pressure loss has as direct effects very poor quality sleep, flu-like symptoms and very low quality therapy that is not efficient. Ultra Mirage Full Face mask helps stopping the pressure loss, and ensures patients get comfortable and highly efficient therapy all throughout the night.

  • Are you struggling frequently with a stuffy nose?
  • Are you a mouth breather and you experience pressure loss because of that?
  • Do you struggle frequently with allergies or colds?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then you seriously need to consider testing the Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask.

Full face masks are extremely comfortable, they offer optimum pressure levels through the nose and mouth and the best ones such as Mirage Ultra Full Face Mask are also lightweight and extremely skin friendly.

Mirage Full Face Mask main advantages

  • As many as 4 adjustment positions on the forehead support. Find optimum seal and comfort with a few simple adjustments
  • The forehead pads are extremely comfortable and flexible and they will adapt nicely to your individual facial contours ensuring the best stability for the mask
  • Innovative Mirage cushion technology- get gentle yet highly firm seal without having to over tighten the headgear of the mask. No more irritations. No more pressure points caused by a rigid and over tightened headgear

Set it and forget it- Ultra Mirage Full Face mask requires only a one time adjustment. When you have found that ideal seal and stability, you will get the same efficiency each time you will wear the mask.

Simple and quick fitting- put the mask on and take it off very simply and quickly thanks to the top and bottom headgear clips. No more mask fitting hassles.

Ultra MIRAGE Full Face mask is manufactured of skin friendly materials. The mask/frame does not contain Latex, Neoprene, or Polycarbonate. The mask cushion is manufactured of high quality, food-grade silicone which offers a “softer than skin” sensation. Both the Breathe-o-Prene and the Velcro Headgear are Neoprene free.

Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask available sizes include: Small Standard, Small Shallow, Medium Standard, Medium Shallow, Large Standard and Large Shallow.

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Price: $167.00
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