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VPAP™ ST-A with Intelligent Volume-Assured Pressure Support


COPD patients looking for the most efficient and reliable sleep therapy system, will surely enjoy the most comfortable therapy with the S9 VPAP ST-A with intelligent Volume Assured Pressured support.

  • Compatible with the therapeutic needs of the greatest variety of patients. The device targets intelligently the alveolar ventilation in order to deliver stable gas exchange
  • Learn Targets- special module which allows even fist time sleep therapy users to set up and use the machine easily
  • Patient ventilator synchrony ensured by TiControl and Vsynk for leak compensation

High pressure ranges to meet the needs of the greatest majority of patients, even those with complex conditions- pressures up to 30 cmH2O


Ultra small, portable and highly convenient to use Non invasive ventilation system, which is also cleared for pediatric use. S9 VPAP ST-A has been cleared by the FDA for use by pediatric patients who weigh more than 30lb (>13kg). The device is also available in a nice, child friendly design to help with quick therapy compliance for children.

! Please keep in mind that iVAPS Mode is cleared for use only by patients weighing more than 66lb (>30kg)

S9 VPAP ST-A best features and benefits

  • Comfortable treatment for a full range of non invasive ventilation patients- up to 30cm H2O pressures
  • IBR- Intelligent Backup Rate- delivers extra assurance when a spontaneous effort to initiate the breath is lacking. IBR does not work in CPAP ad S Mode.
  • ClimateControl ensures constant and comfortable humidity levels delivered right at the mask to help treating the widest range of Non Invasive Ventilation patients
  • Plenty of audio and visual alarms for added security

The S9 VPAP ST-A is an out of the box solution which allows patients to set up and use the device extremely easy and quick.

S9 VPAP ST-A is recommended for patents with the following respiratory deficiencies:

  • COPD- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease patients who require specific settings on their NIV device. It has been clinically proven that iVAPS help reducing the risk of hyperinflation in COPD patients
  • Hypoventilation in obesity disorders- it has been proved that iVAPS easily compensated for certain changes in respiration parameters- for example when the patient changes position during sleep
  • Neuromuscular disease- patients who struggle with a respiratory effort which fluctuates will benefit most of using the VAPS which ensures constant and stable ventilation regardless of these fluctuations
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